Why intending me whatever may be risky?

I want to approximate some communication problem by some mental simulation of a talk of interview type.

1. What does it mean to intend someone?

This is simply having an intention towards someone. No matter good or bad.

2. Is it bad?

It depends on your intention basically. If your intention is to ask something it is ok. If your intention is to accuse someone something, attribute something or suggest something it may be wrong.

3. Why it is wrong to accuse someone else something, attribute someone else something or suggest?

Let’s focus on a roots of human to human communication. What people communicate for?

4. Thousands of reasons probably. Isn’t it?

Surely. So if it makes sense to assume anything at the beginning in terms what characterizes someone else, to survey, research that person before or something?

5. Right. You refer to something really interesting. I think nowadays people often try to predict someone else, analyze, look up and prepare. Maybe try to have a control over someone else much before they realize someone else in terms who she or he is etc.

That is the point of a great concern. So people generally tend to have an advantage over other people. So what can allow them this task and what can inhibit them from this?

6. Well, social media etc. enable people generally to spread an attitude to insight about other people without checking them who they are for real. Isn’t it? Isn’t the point? A problem who we see generally today and that we are not reflected right due to creating intentionally more communication barriers.

Exactly. Let’s take a look into what a social mask of a person on Facebook actually is. How we create ourselves in terms of a virtual identity. It is sometimes called transhumanist identity nowadays to emphasize that we artificially exceed our natural, environmental and communicational barriers. But let’s think about it. Is this real? That we really enhance ourselves just sending pictures from holidays, telling vague stories or liking so called Facebook pages to communicate our intentions. So we need to think about whether it is real or true?

7. I think often not. Sometimes person in real situation can direct to other person to communicate her or him something when ignores other person. But we cannot say the same about just liking something on Facebook just being inspired by someone. Just liking something we possibly indicate only on someone who inspired us but not everyone can realize who inspired us, someone who inspired may realize that inspired and feel a bit confused why we refer to that person. What’s more some people may track our activity who inspires us when we normally would not want them to see this because their motives towards us may remain unknown, hidden. Sometimes prejudices or hate may lie behind why other person may look up us and we cannot realize this for a long time and then suddenly wake up some night screaming “This was him!”. So we discover someone responsible for our lack of luck or happiness.

Exactly. This is the point. From evolutionary point of view we are natural born lie-detectors but as long as we see someone. Simply virtual communication did not exist through millions of years when our mental abilities evolved.

8. So this means that we are prone to an endless victimization processes online, or may be a target of hostile policy, we may become a victim of a crime, of false accusations, prejudices, spread of hate. We may go out of social game when do not follow enforced rules and everything is 100 times more visible than ever before.


9. So what does it mean. Who benefit on this?

Basically those who created world like this and fished people by encouragement to participate in amazing network “for free”.

10. Does it mean that this is government of USA or pressure groups, rich people or someone like this?

Not exactly. Businessman wants to do a business. Politician needs votes to become elected to be efficient in politics to be elected again. No one of such has an interest to brainwash or mislead billions of people.

11. So who?

I think that some people are born in this world with basic communication deficits. But it does not mean they are disabled in general. Some people are as if born to feel differently in terms of social rules, have moved center of weight of what is right and wrong, have some sensitivity deficits. In direct communication they may feel always confused and lost a bit. But this does not mean they are not intelligent. Conversely, they often grow up and go through numerous obstacles what makes them more and more intelligent. But same time unable to communicate. Some people of this kind become hackers. In bad what is to say about being a hacker. Some create stupid systems like social games to fish identities of other people, engage them to play online casino games etc. And I believe that Mark Zuckerberg is everything I said about such a people. He is an autistic person with communication disabilities, hacker and croupier. He organized game where people disclose themselves under influence of that someone else disclosed earlier. And this game I believe that is on a basis of a natural dose of a jealousy of people but on the other hand on a basis of a need to affiliate. To be a part of a group, of having to some extent a group identity. So to be a part of a group we need to share something of ourselves first. No one in this world is given something just for being someone. We need to share something first. Some people can share ideas, other may share visions, observations. But it needs to be just something. And this is most mysterious that people lost their need for privacy, for layering their personality in terms of belonging to groups, in terms of sharing different parts of themselves with different people simply differently. And they just engaged in social comparison process that exerts constant pressure and never ends. That people get under an illusion that they must something and their self-esteem starts to be conditional on a basis of what circumstances in a social game in social media are a specific time. I believe this to be dangerous, that this heat people artificially and inhibits their all natural tendencies to speak themselves. That gives the role of leaders to narcisstic people and stigmatize people with more balanced personalities to be boring, awkward and even a problem! This means that even so called clinical psychology may be rejected by just a system created by one untamed autistic person!

Stairs: How a copper paint looks 1,5 year after

It was completely my own idea of making multilayered paint that will serve as anti slippery surface in winter and during rain as well. In some places effect is much better than my car paint after just a month of scratching ice during severe winter. On such a stairs I use even a metal shovel to remove ice and where paint survived at least a month sticks in that place till today. I learn all the time and take lessons and this is most satisfactory thing because I feel many times that what I do is unique. And do not have an education in this field. This is to some extent imagination and intuition that helps me to resolve most challenges and problems.

Throwback to inspiring Bornholm

Nature of Bornholm and material culture of that place is inspiring me since my first visit to that island. I discovered the uniqueness of natural forms like stones, plants, algae and have a pleasure to see a reflection of them in material culture in galleries that a great number of them is spread around whole that relatively little scrap of the earth.

And me enjoying that stony settings of such a beautiful place

Take a look into my meal from Cafe Klint. It was just a first day on Bornholm and I decided to try some raw fish and meat served raw in this region as a set of tapas. I did not eat meat for 7 years from 2005. Then had some conditions like B12 vitamin deficits (from problems with my skin to unreasonable anxiety, lack of energy, intensified problem with hair loss) and I got back to meat. But I am not used to eat raw meat. This time I decided to try and finally felt a bit inflow of an energy I do not experience when eat too much processed food.