Come and sleep on the floor!

I will be traveling home from Warsaw on 4.4.2016. Come to Złote Tarasy about 7 PM to have an unforgettable opportunity to travel to me to sleep on the floor. It is getting warmer but mind that the air is cooler even till May and you need to have warm clothes.

Achtung! First ammendment. I will not be on 4.4.2017 as long as till 7 PM. I did not give my cats enough food to afford myself to be so long out of home. It is likely that I will leave Warsaw even in the morning.


My library when I lived in Warsaw


I moved everything to make the wisest of the „whole villages” stop shouting at me and commanding what I have to do or „translating” other people what I am going to do. Since there nothing has left their accusations and insults are pointless.

Some subtly suggest now that I can propose them what computer to buy or create a website. I think that village is still an option for you to avoid to engage in more shame.