Schizophrenics are always to everything the first

But it does not mean they understand the situation. The opposite. They are miserably wrong all the time and reason that other people laugh. Just to say to be yourself is enough. This is the key not to be „blablabla”. And always say „be ….”, „be the change”, „be the first”, „be the shit”. This is only persuasion. Telling other people who to be is the worst manipulation you can apply and believe me when you manipulate people, one day they will manipulate you.


Worth to read. I want to add that Cesar Rodriguez had a wingman who shot one Mig-15 in Iraq during the unexpected vintage-style dogfight. And what happened within only a few minutes another Mig-15 has been miselead by moves of C. Rodriguez and his wingman so descended to a very low altitude, lost his orientation and crashed. Within something like 5-6 minutes whole battle was won but due to strategic thinking Rodriguez did not shoot even a one aircraft of the enemy. Successes of aces in every field of life are not measurable…

Ma Pan klasę, panie Trump

Rosji nie da się ogrodzić od reszty świata murem. I jak ktoś tego nie rozumie, niech się przeprowadzi na księżyc. Pan przynajmniej próbuje budować, a historia pokazuje, że nawet Polacy potrafią niszczyć. Mają zbyt gwałtowne temperamenty, za mało rozumu. I nie dziwię się, że USA omija Polskę. To jest słuszne. To nadal BARDZO niepewny kraj, grunt. To mała Bośnia i Hercegowina.

False friends

Many people in my life who try to look like friends when benefits I receive for my hard work exceed so much their abilities to imagine so many of them that just want to feed themselves with this thinking they deserve as seeing themselves as „friends”. It is a total mistake.

A person who tried to look like this when could gain on it and kick me off when found me weak enough was Agnieszka Turek who is a psycho, schizophrenic girl who tries to look like a friend for years to benefit on it only when has so hard concept about me, how I am in general that I am impressed that it is simply possible! What the fuck, how?

How it is possible to so effectively look like a friend of someone who you secretly hate? To escape from such an aura of so influential schizophrenic girl can be a reason to organize a pseudocide?

Or other schizophrenic girl I hardly mention. There are many of this kind to hide away forever.

I moved to another part of Poland to get rid of sense of feeling raped by schizophrenic women in general. 

Please imagine that I changed my life completely more to avoid toxic people than to build what I wanted to build. Or afford what I wanted to afford. I do not feel secure enough for achievements because I fear that everything I will achieve can be consumed by someone I never regarded as a friend but to whom you often believe more than me that is my friend. What is an ultimate denial of my personality. Something that makes me not only unwilling to be creative. Something that makes me I do not want to live.

And it happened for years, for so many years! Due to envy. Of typical Polish village woman’s kind.



Wielu ludzi chciałoby wejść w rolę mojego taty. Ale ja mam tylko jedną taką osobę. Przyjaciół natomiast nigdy za wiele, ale prawdziwych przyjaciół poznaje się w biedzie. Ja w tej biedzie za wielu nigdy nie miałem, więc dla mnie ludzie ogólnie mogą spierdalać. Ale znalazłem ciekawy wątek upozorowania próby samobójczej przez osobę, która została na siłę, jak kiedyś mój tata wciągnięta w politykę.

Many people want to play a role of my father. But I have only one father. There is never enough friends but I do not believe in „friends” as a rule. True friends we can encounter during our bad luck. I did not have too many when was experiencing bad luck. For me the most of people generally can simply fuck off. I found an interesting thread about suicidal attempt of a person who has been tangled into politics by force like my father was. And what he did is very interesting and impressive. It required a lot of courage, creativity, fantasy of a person feeling desperate.

Read about Chris who wanted people from his life believe that he jumped from Golden Gate Bridge:

False suicides/survivors[edit]

Along with confirmed suicide deaths and suicide attempts at the bridge, there have been false suicides, as well. The first documented case of „pseudocide” at the Golden Gate Bridge was in 1948. 47-year old Chris J. Christensen was a well-known local jeweler who had been recently elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Christensen’s coat was found attached to a work box at the center span of the bridge with a note in the coat that read, „Loved Ones: My nerves are shot. Please forgive me. Chris.” Believed to have jumped from the bridge, Christensen was declared dead and rumors abounded. Investigators concluded he was unable to cope with the pressures of being in public office. There were reports of Christensen having become friendly with a man described as „willowy … almost too good-looking to be considered handsome.” While Christensen introduced the man to friends and colleagues as his nephew, it was learned the man was not a relative, rather, a Navy sailor whom Christensen met in a Los Angeles bar. Over a year had passed when it was discovered Christensen was actually alive and selling Bibles in Houston, Texas. Found living in a low-rent rooming house and having lost 40 pounds, Christensen explained that campaign contributors who supported his election had asked him to „do things he couldn’t do”. Christensen saw himself as a failure and never returned to San Francisco.[30]

Today a man whose name is Chris Christensen is selling dog’s cosmetics. And he is also from Texas like maybe his jewellery maker ancestor.