My cat can get passport in the beginning of 2019

She is too young for the full set of vaccinations. My sister wants Kropek and Rakija (Terka) do not come home even during cold night. She will stay wild probably. I no longer recognize her. And she treats me like a shadow. But I will feel best to have an opportunity to travel with Gumisia all the time. Every time I need to give her to my friend 13 years old cat sitter no matter she is a very responsible girl this is a stress for me because Gumisia does not develop relationship with other humans than me. And about travel by air. One vet from Bolesławiec in fact moved to Canada. He had a few cats. His beloved one Santek destroyed thick plastic box for transportation during journey to the airport. And no matter the pain of the owner who moved to Canada forever Santek stayed forever in Poland and lives in my sister’s house and garden. There was also Persian Kitty who was too old to travel and she died within a year after her owner was missing. And died from cancer. Pets are not toys. And no matter all the fun and joy they bring to our lives we are responsible for them. Like I now cannot imagine my life without Gumisia. And I see that she developed safe bond with me that she searches for my presence in her life all the time. And I am responsible for her. And wait for her being fully prepared for travel everywhere. I will never forget how looked Szaruś once left in Bemowo in pet’s hospital in a box for ill pets. I left him for one afternoon and night. I woke up in the middle of the night almost screaming and waiting till dawn. And traveled through whole Warsaw what is not easy in winter to move during ordinary business day fast. And as I assumed. No matter his stress due to beginning of diabetics he did not recognize me after something like 12 hours. The similar experience for pets may be to travel by air. There are separate parts of passengers aircrafts with storage space for animals. For me thinking of Gumisia kept this way cannot go through my mind.