Don’t pet me until you know this is finally what you want

I never knew why but racoon’s hands a few times could simply reach my heart without any exceptional effort. I do not know whose idea if of anyone was to make it possible I accidentally encounter such a person that cross my way and everything after that is never the same. This is unfair there are people who steal your heart and instead of to remain not only by your side but simply in your life they continue to their pride. For me hundred times more important would be to spend with such a person much of the time of my life to feel satisfied and what? Reality often is different! Shame on you from the first moment you knew what is going on! From the first thought you realized that it is in fact your role, your initiative to get closer, that this was what you wanted. To be honest. If it was you could just take it without exceptional drama with the only consequence of my heart attack. Because my feeling to you sometimes I could easily mistake with such a health condition.