Diastrophic dysplasia

My thumb is uncommon and it induced laughter sometimes. But mine was always like that and I also can laugh and mock everything like no one else about being someone else than me. And now I need less time to recover because laughter is a form of an effort. And an effort is just something we need to get used to like to everything but only real effort can make us disciplined and fit. I hope to lose weight this way one day. And I am sure scientists can only dream about having so much physical activity like me! 50% of my hand visible on this photo is now scratched by Gumisia. And I have also very deep wounds after activity of cats. One on my arm may look as if I had suicide attempts by cutting veins. Not of this kind. I am sorry. I once tried to jump from water dam. But it was about 20 years ago and after that I did not have self destructive impulses. I think we need to experience one shock of every possible kind in moderate degree to unlearn autodestructive behavior. I experienced numerous electrical shocks in my life and other life threatening experiences and I think many of such experiences changed my sense of limits and formed reasoned anxieties. But the threat is sometimes eg. flow experience when I go beyond my limits in something and excitement drives me but limits from rational point of view should be explored reasonably. Not everything we can turn back. The best example is decompression sickness.