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I somehow agree no matter how weird this idea seems to be. She sometimes felt like my wife. Sometimes like a stranger. I never believed that the fact she knew me was ever true. When you secretly dream and have awkward nature. And suddelnly it is like someone turned on all the lights in the world. What can you feel? What’s wrong about me in this if you know this was far beyond my psychological limits due to how I am. You could many times find the way to show off in my life, ask me questions or go for a walk in one of billions of places in the world to ask me the most difficult questions you could ever ask and hear what’s the truth. Not provoke me to the public to confess what I hate but just invite me to something that no one would ever spot. This is not easy for spies. For lovers too. I know you suffered because this was love and you wanted to shut down this show and could not. I am sorry. Not for myself. But that you did not. That you felt you could not. That show must have gone on. And what? Are you surrre? Surrre now??