My hotel

I have to tolerate family who fuck in front of the eyes of their young child and smoke marihuana whole night. In the middle of the night lasr night I wanted to die. But this is my last night in Toronto. And last night in Canada. Next time I will book the hotel half a year in advance. And really of a good standard. This time I did not pay attention too much as I had really many destinations during relatively short travel. I am happy to leave this place tomorrow. But Toronto I discovered as worth to spend time exclusively. On deliberately designed travel with opportunities, accomodation that I will deliberately choose the best for particularly such a stay. Today Toronto is still the part of my busy journey through many places I wanted to see. And maybe it isn’t bad that I did not choose the best opportunities like hotels etc. But I spent not too much time eg. sleeping, resting. And I see so much. I did not made so many decisions in life yet. But this place is opened to me with its charm still. And one girl from here, not Avril wants something from me I cannot probably do. Or just do not want. I am not like that, girl. I need to breathe and still see more shades and colors of life than ordinary Christian couples are aimed to see. But this does not mean I want to intentionally hurt someone. Definitely not. This was not my intention. If you’ve read it this way and this is why you did not reply. Now you do not need to. I am leaving tomorrow and my inquiry is no longer valid.