Crossing from German to Italian language part on 12.08.2018

BP station near Lichtenstein (this country is on the other side of the highway).


Road sign to Davos

Break for a nap

On the way 1,5 hours after

Just entered a very high bridge

That bridge. Bridges preoccupied my imagination that time.

A very high waterfall returned suddenly many times during that part of the route. There is something like up to 1000 meters of difference between the point just after the 6,6 km long tunnel in San Bernardino and 18 km of this route after.


I was changing my mind twice about whether go to Genova or not. I wanted to go to Aquarium and first I had an idea in Tortona to go directly to Genova. But changed my mind suddenly and chose highway that enters A10 between Genova and Savona. And here (a photo below) I got same idea again whether go or not. And I took this photo for that memory. Two days after when I read news about Morandi bridge that collapsed I immediately found that photo and analyzed my multiple visions that day that something wrong may happen when I do not stick to my initial plan. A10 to France means to go through not only one suspension bridge. It is a whole series of bridges and tunnels. About 130 tunnels. And there is no other way to France generally. From that point.