Côte d’Azur, 12.08.2018-20.08.2018


Good self-organization and time management even during holidays is fundamental. I always like to learn new things. And do it all the time. For some periods in my life I was learning very intensely. For some time I could not keep even one book in my hands because felt panic about to read whatever. Sorry, to overheat your head studying double major for 10 years may result even in mental hospital. I heard from psychiatrist during my practices in psychiatric ward that people with double major also have schizophrenia and land in mental hospital. It happens. This time I prepared to learning many new things so I was prepared and better organized but maybe not as much as I used to be sometimes. For example during my studies. Many especially girls who potentially may suffer from schizophrenia in the near or far future were stealing hundreds of ideas from me, sometimes just looking at me and imitating without my own way I got an insight in something so I see now their results. Maria in SWPS has a page on website of SWPS with numerous self-references but some look like comments or questions to me. She never asked me questions. And being a bit crazy is getting more and more screwed now in the sense of her isolation. Martyna was the same. And many others. What I can recommend to people who want to „become someone”? Do not try to be someone else. Be yourself. Do not imitate. Study hard, read but filter it through pure you, your pure own experience you are sure this is what you have seen, heard, what you analyzed fully on your own and sorry but do not argue too much, let other people have different opinions about everything. You can be professor, director of school, of hospital or ward and can be still mentally ill. And you may be even aware of it. And it makes your position only worse. It is not a shame to be just yourself, to learn. Shame is when you try to be someone more than you really are, than you were ever told to be, reassured many times who you are to other people. No studies will protect you from falling when you just try on new masks like monkeys, like to change old labels into new labels to look more professional. It does not work in a long run. I think education is enough. To get a degree is real. Is an achievement. But after that life seems to be even 100 times more complex and to hide behind labels who allegedly you are makes your position even worse and more complex. It is enough to say just that you are a psychologist, if you train any sports regularly you can say you are a sports man or women. You do not need to go for Olympic Games or get millions from sponsors. Do not need to be paid for it at all. If you are expert in it, if you have a passion and fun doing it you are a sport person. If you like to make world like great theater probably you are an actor or actress not a psychologist. And even not being paid a coin for it. Because actions more determine who we are than so called successes and signs for success in terms of money. Being professional in terms of earning even small amounts of money is hard in this world. And may get easily discouraged treating earning money too seriously. You will be thrown out of any industry if you want just to earn money. First you need to be a professional. And you will never be a professional without learning, knowledge and passion. Earning on something is rather a final result than what has to happen immediately. But most people from psychology studies impressed me. The most stupid one started to earn money immediately. By force of their own persuasion only like traders not mental health professionals. I am not sure how much wrong they should have been, how much full of deception, how much manipulative to succeed, to find victims to make them believe that what they pay to you is really worth to be paid for. But I feel sorry for you all the time I remember how it was when we were at the finish of our studies. What you were thinking about me, and what was the reality. And reading your mind was a sign for me „this is not my shit, those people are dangerous”. And this is simply psychology. What I was warned about 15 years ago that it may be, may become a pool of frustrates, liars, manipulators and psychopaths rather than great resources of more empath people, well educated who can understand almost every position a person can find themselves in. Or under…

Learning new skills, gaining new insights during holidays when you want to try too many things may be challenging but a bit of self discipline can make you achieve almost every goal.

On the road at Massif de l’Estérel

In Mandelieu near my hotel

At Port de la Rague

In Marineland, Antibes

Sometimes in my hotel room