A brief introduction to my scientific background from the creativity point of view:

Intuitive thinking is very important and I always emphasize this topic when possible. When Avril Lavigne released album Goodbye Lullaby the same semester during advanced insurance mathematics and probability calculus, simulations and stochastic processes classes I just blocked my mind around new Avril Lavigne album and just traveled to Frankfurt asap. I have seen marvelous presentation of Korg Kronos for the first time and however used Roland RS-70 and recorded compositions for a few years and not needed to change instrument. This was the first thrill in my life about synthesizer. And till the end of semester I also performed very well in abstract disciplines however it was hard to combine. Music, need for spontaneity and discipline for very abstract considerations was just like a BOMB!

Take a look a bit into what Avril Lavigne said about her creative process:

Avril Lavigne talks about her new album



Chylińska A. (2014), Mechanizmy działania fantazji w twórczości Terry’ego Gilliama na przykładzie filmu Brazil W: Konefał J. (red.), Anatomia wyobraźni. Gdańsk, Gdański Klub Fantastyki Text: Mechanizmy działania fantazji u T. Gilliama


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