About white relationships

A story to tell probably different time by someone else

But any occasion possible is good to tell something funny about white relationships


12.05.2016 for example. I was truly and deeply surprised. And this is how I could express my emotions. To see that reality is different than someone else try to „dress up” and „make up” on Facebook I can only say when do not know someone else too much that I am a bit confused and surprised. Only one 16 years old girl from Liberec not knowing that situations tried to defend that person anyway saying that maybe she was not sure of the result of a meeting so came with colleagues… Yes. And accidentally made friends even drug dealers to show me to fuck off when I came. It was very welcome. But not this is not schizophrenia but simply a situation that you not have any true feeling to share and this is not your fault. Sometimes people do not feel anything even when other person is burning from a love feeling. But this is not a reason to feel guilt and prepare whole Instagram gallery to show to be OK, fair, to show that you are in fact normal person with different moods, situations etc. This is a very OK. But isn’t it simply something that lead to be extremely exhausted at the end of this like a narcotic joyride? When you prove someone else that sometimes you are also normal, have feelings but normally you are a neurotic fighter to prove every man that has no chance because you are better in terms of seduction, sexual advantage over them. I think that this is your narcotic because you do not have enough character to face the fact of being outstandingly beautiful. And this involves in fact more problems but you learned to make them sweet oranges than sour lemons. This is creative but not yet to be called h e a l t h y. Healthy is when you have a problem to decide for a psychotherapy one day. Especially when someone who had an intention to wish you the best worried about you at least once and tried to report you the fact that you may have a problem in relationships.