Hydroelectricity unit in Szklarska Poręba devoted fully to one task – compensation of passive power in whole energy network (AC „circuit”) in this area.

Look at one of a several turbine units.

In and out flow of water from water circulation circuit from the stream that get this unit from a very long pipeline. Water gets to a turbine. I am sure originally there were used Francis turbines. The most effective are Kaplan turbines. I do not remember but unit is still operating on a basis of original turbines but maybe not original ones in terms of particular elements. Those displayed in front of the museum may be the original original ones. But here were not introduced almost no mechanical innovations and however there is a bit of modern automation in terms of relay circuit controls, the „heart” of this plant remained not changed but Germans had better performances in the past than today can be achieved with knowledge of Polish engineers and just a „creamy” additions that are „inventions” of miniaturization of XX and XXI century. Especially relays and fuses. But to be honest. This is not an invention compared to hydroelectricity heart components. This is like a Facebook to a computer industry or like to say that Apple manufactured the first computer. In hydroelectricity efficiency is important. Not marketing. So precise minds will always win with creative in terms of marketing. This is a typical field where talks are completely not necessary. And experimenter’s nature and patience and devotion is what to say best about such an interest or a profession.

Control unit.

Old stuff / Part of museum collection but displayed within still working part of this place. This is 50% power plant and 50% museum now.

Original power plant has the best efficiency that now is impossible to achieve. With a Francis turbine had efficiency up to 87% and worked on theoretical level of possible performance. This is one of protection device originally developed in Germany at the beginning of XX century. It has protected a circuit against overly frequency that could disregulate synchronous work of a whole unit of devices. Precision seems to be like in a Swiss watch. In fact this is a German idea.

Kompensator mocy biernej (ang. passive power compensation device). The main idea of this power plant. Frequency protection has been invented especially to regulate synchronous work and exchange of electric power between this device and other parts of that unique unit.

Jumper :))) 12/24/48

A very unique relay that uses liquid metal – Hg as a conductor in a glass ampoule where are two electrodes that Hg can make a complete circuit between them. 4 & 6 are responsible for the voltage to an electromagnetic element that magnetizes a metal rod when under voltage and a metal rod has fixed mechanical connection to a rod holding an ampoule with Hg.

Relay tables manageable by the computer


Power-on buttons and lights indicating working/operational modes.

Computer software to control relays and to visualize process of „energy creation” or „retrieval”/simply compensation/reuse of inertia of water flow in a whole system.