Travel to East of Poland

I offer you risk management and guidance during travels to East of Poland. This photo below is as much true as scary. People with same character in different places in the world could find themselves under different circumstances. If you plan to travel to the East of Poland and are sure you do not want to stay there for far much longer than you planned or even ever imagined you can ask me for a guidance and risk management package. Call me + 48 605 232 330 for a piece of free advice. You can hire me as your top class guide to lead you through the complexity and charm of world so wild that no one is experienced enough to be sure to travel to the East and plan to get back without any consequence to their character, nerves, resources of psychological and physical kind. This is our pride. Our Polish Bermuda Triangle. Be sure I am one of the best who can lead you through that region. Just to mention that even younger sister of my Czech grandmother died on her hands young once bite by a snake in wild and endless Puszcza Białowieska. Trying to see further – in Janów Poleski in today’s Belarus children have a playground on my grandgrandfather’s grave. They can piss on them whenever they want. Looking for just an advice? My pleasure. Looking for respect? Better stay at home, kids.