2005 🇺🇸🔥

Our relatively little group this time (incomparably fewer people than in 2003). In Wetzlar. My story from 2003 is so huge that worth to establish another section. Not thread. I was deeply into music industry technical issues and knew that time really many people whose knowledge was as much as deep as versatile. Times hard to compare to any other. Very inspiring. And world has changed after that. I will not tell anyone how it was then when someone lives own life consciously for a couple of years now. It is hard to compare with anything. It is simply past. A part of me. But we always need to be ready for our present.

With this man I talked to on this photo we know each other for more than 10 years. When I was travelling in spring 2017 we saw each other last time in 2016. And he told me in 2017 that decided to go because thought that will meet me! Moving. He is a great fan of guitar music of Eric Johnson whose passion for this contemporary electric guitar music performances is contagious. He has own great collection of Fender guitars from Custom Shop and plays guitar songs of Eric Johnson effortlessly. A very inspiring man taking into account that in the year 2005 he was working for living as a truck driver!