Bazén Liberec, 22.09.2018

Today I traveled to Liberec to capture some video from underwater to show what you can do seriously underwater for your fitness and for fun. Such exercises can help for breath-holding skills as well as for underwater orientation. You also learn how the volume of air in your lungs may determine you underwater buoyancy.

September is a season that or you give up to the weather and get ill easily or will do just something to maintain your fitness. Water is a very good choice to prepare your body for conditions like hypothermia etc. It is not kind of vaccination. Every time when you feel cool for too long it may influence your body temperature and variables that keep you in shape in general. Whole body equilibrium is hard challenge anyway sometimes. For example sometimes totally non controllable factors affect your well being like love. And change everything from how you feel warm and cold to almost deadly hallucinations and delusions about your general being in the world. This section is totally not for this purpose but I plan to prepare a short introduction into clinical view on the panorama of human feelings, moods and subjective experiences of being in the world in general. It is very challenging however experience of my mentors and valuable books helped me one day to catch some general regularities and treat it as a guide and kind of general valuable knowledge.





I need to send my camera to service in Nuremberg due to factory flaw and condition that happened a few days ago. But I captured really a lot so far of what I could not explain to other people since being 15 why underwater world attracts me more than just ordinary world.


Now everyday the weather is better for running. And it is expected due to forecasts to be this way till the end of October. I do not want to do all I like in one autumn and then die from boredom for another months. My life is always all about balance. Not a competition. What often annoys people too much screwed in whatever. Being screwed is not only boring for me. I see it as devastating to a person subject to this always. The best is to be healthy distanced to everything you like or love when you have addictive nature. Psychologists still argue about basic things but no one died from balance yet. People die more often from short circuits in whatever they find to be too much obsessed about, see too much passion in something that deprive them of right balanced mind view on what relations things really preserve, maintain, in which of them die. What grips are well and what are deadly just as you choose to be to someone else this way.