Bacutil project, 21.02.2003

To be 100% fair I should ask Hubert, Kamil, Olga and Marta for permission to publish this video. But our goal was to do something on the edge of spontaneity and documentary seriousness mixed with X-files atmosphere and horror shadow of Blair Witch Project. My blog isn’t anything official. The way I settled this website that I totally do not promote or paste links to it almost nowhere so I hope just seeing this medium as kind of private/intimate part of my life I hope no one of characters will feel discomfort for this. It was in fact part of our history of our growing up in Ryki in Middle School in the middle of nowhere. And we had a lot of fun and many good memories. Our creativity as well as being a good team for crazy adventures should not surprise anyone because growing up in such places has consequences in the rise of creativity or people who get sometimes so much bored that it is hard to describe, to explain what really happens in our brains that time. I remember myself for many ideas, great, strange, crazy. But foremost we were very spontaneous and after years I see this ability to be like that as a gift from life when our life is full. Or we are constantly seeking something to enrich us, to inspire to correspond to the degree of existential anxieties. I had quite a lot of friends in my life however time changes everything, everything in fact changes. I changed Secondary School 2 times, a few times classes never finding it is my place. This movie is from my period in Ryki. Sometimes sad period sometimes inspiring and happy. I did not have a girlfriend that time. And to be honest did not miss anyone. I listened to Avril Lavigne and maybe she was my imagined girlfriend. Who knows. I was sometimes in fact a lonely person. Internally complex far more than other people could reflect me fully. So I was being inspired by really a lot. And it returns after years. I miss that times.

For higher quality I will split this movie into two parts. WordPress allows me only 64 MB per video so I will find the optimal setting for my converter but after I sleep over a few last days.