A very arrogant history

I was running my first recording studio for the first time in my life not being even 17 and for profit. I earned some money on it. And got even bored by the limits of this kind of art and this industry particularly that erodes due to trend to believe in China as the leader of innovation in this industry. It was a great fault ages ago, laziness of the West that irreversibly collapsed. I remember what I have seen during Musikmesse in 2003 and every year I decided to invest in myself and spend time participating in this fair I observed different trend. Industry is simply complex.

As my knowledge increases, and experience gathered for so many year. Up to 20 years of gaining it gave me so many insights that my expertise grows exponentially. And I can advise in everything. From computer solutions to acoustics. All that problems I used to resolve exclusively on my own.

I regret I did not copy all my comments on groups on Facebook since about 2016 because they could be a nice pocket guide to some nuances. But I always think that to write a book is to decide to lose. Writing a book is kind of paralysis of things that are in a constant move and we cannot embrace them without „faking them”.