I do not need to introduce Wetzlar to anyone familiar with European Culture. This city has own representation in the novel The Sorrows of Young Werther by J. W. Goethe. And in fact the city is inspiring.

I’ve been there about 7 times. Once even on the way to Paris I took there my ex girlfriend and for some time wife as time revealed it further to happen to Chinese restaurant that did not survive till now. And was most likely closed about 5 or more years ago.

The city has as many novelties to me as only resemblances and vague memories what makes this place uniquely mysterious to my own soul. Because my memories have also something of what today did not survive, remained unspoken, blurred by fast pace of life that we all in the world experience this phenomenon everyday – the rush for newness and forgetting about the past easily. Sometimes I uncover the past in places or in myself like some pieces of me more on less coded in direct and indirect forms of my own identity as well as simple memories.

Wetzlar has a unique romantic charm and memories carved in a genius loci and untold atmosphere of the city. Fiction and generally romantic stories fit to this place really well. When you think about one of the biggest music fair in the world that I actively take part in since the year 2003 the idea to start incoming to another event of this kind there is a promise of attraction in idea to start that experience exactly from this place. Maybe this great idea came from Tadeusz Makowski whose general idea many years ago was to represent Musikmesse in Poland actively till his death. Once I known him by myself during one fair a few years ago. And this idea was fruitful because what makes Poland and Germany similar through the history was the romantic movement in the arts of any kind. There are so many differences between these cultures but some places in Poland like some places in Germany may draw attention to something like common roots of European Culture in general. And some movements in the arts that spread fast through the whole Europe in the past are a good basis for what we can see from similar point of view, through common frame or even historical epoch of what we know that happened or could happen etc. Some movements like Steampunk that to some extent of what was only a creation of imagination of single authors from our more or less present developed „against historical facts” like just an expression of sentiment or nostalgia for the past would not be also possible if some fundamental processes did not ever happen in the past of what some evidence we have till today in books, museums, places that remained not touched by time passing. Wetzlar is a good example of a place where time passes differently. As if as a rule we could see some events in totally different intervals than how we can observe how it happens in big cities etc.

You can see in this section some photos from my single travels to Wetzlar.