Youtube channel of Polish LOT pilot. Seagulls massacre. Very sad and tragic capture of a video from what I suppose happens quite often.

Baltic Bees, 26.08.2017


Royal Jordanian Falcons that I watched their show during Radom Airshow 2015

New in this thread! An incident being somehow connected to the visit of Jordanian Falcons in 2015. In 2016 military soldiers from GROM team had performance for the king of Jordan and one fatal accident took place.




I think this is a longest solo of prof. Binienda who looks excited to work in Poland

I will compare solos of professor to solos of a really good Polish guitar player. It is needed to be born with „never enough” personality. It can’t be taught or effected by drug abuse. This is overexcitability feature of an artist personality. And artists are often responsible for great artist performances done with artistry. Scientists can hide compared to artists in terms of show up and performance and artistry. But sometimes scientists are right because follow effective methods that may look boring but work. And they can be same time average intelligent and deaf and succeed. For example when take part in an investigation. This is you to choose what you see – art oder science.


I got from China 1 meter 8mm thick threaded rod for eg. CNC use and it was delivered twisted/bent. This is really thick metal and also hard to believe how it happened that I got it in Szklarska Poręba of this shape