Artificial Intelligence

As a lecturer of artificial intelligence on Post-graduate studies Quantitative Methods in the Analysis of Financial Markets in years 2011-2015 and passionate of this set of methods since very practical classes during Master Studies in Warsaw School of Economics with dr Jarosław Olejniczak from SGH and WAT I decided to combine my knowledge from my psychology and economics studies and passion about electronics that I did not studied during regular engineering education program but attended different courses since childhood. My first course in electronics engineering was in the year 1997 and being only 12 years old I attended during one semester to Pałac Młodzieży in PKiN in Warsaw where became a member of young talented children group who had an opportunity to learn that complexity in own pace of individual intellectual growth. Combining passions and knowledge throughout my lifetime was fruitful and being yet a student of Bachelor studies I published my first scientific article as well as started to be a lecturer invited by regular academic employee of the university. Since 2011 I started to deliver more insightful course about fundamentals and practical applications of methods of artificial intelligence to economic forecasting. Same time realizing general global processes how so called data science poses increasingly threat to globalized world. I gave up teaching and developing this field for a few reasons:

  1. I realized that field has no concrete limitations but methods are sold to the public as „developed” and responding every needs of other people. I realized that artificial intelligence became generally a regular information war weapon, a tool in the service of deception and achieving selected goals by dispersed and hard to identify groups. In my opinion notion group lost its own sense for good and only politicians can use this term in the service of manipulation.
  2. I realized that methods are not effective compared to general consciousness issues. May compete with human intuition still in narrow fields but there is growing a group of people convinced that we face some global transformation of identity, society, economy. Personally I never see this this way but manipulation is really impressive. I do not try even to understand how much in terms of money cost that global brainwashing but seeing efforts of many so-called think tanks, teams I realize that people generally remain more and more screwed.

From psychological point of view this is just a great „shit”. Why? Psychologists reasonably believe that humans need some condition to emotional, intellectual growth, need some space living among other people that could be called freedom. People from psychological point of view do not need to declare and respond all the time – this is only left hemisphere activity and my main objection is that artificial intelligence responds to verbal part of human experience and stimulate it. Psychologists know well that this part of our experience is connected with feeling positive emotions, satisfaction, feeling of being rewarded etc. Same time positive feelings induce holistic experience more being of right-hemisphere kind. And I see application of AI as a great threat/shit because AI is like a virus. Once get into a person’s perception – desynchronizes cognitive/emotional processes in terms of hemispherical balance of cognitive and emotional process. And once get this hijack ability teach people with subtle incentives to speed up or slow down, to react or habitue to what is decided by algorithm and its designer and aimed to deliver endless sugar feeling like in addiction people that will lose ability to see things more on their own with own synchronous experience with balance activity toward and from the environment. AI once become an „environment” for a human, human is lost until realize all the deception process. Calling this as invention, a milestone, a perfect development of the society of the future is simply a brainwashing. But imho – cheap. Cheap and miserable. I feel mercy even for millionaires who did not find more honest way to earn money and fuck in between other people’s relationships like can be seen in a movie The Social Network. This is not my manifest but a bit extensive explanation how I realized that what was associated with the future may be one of the greatest disappointment and lie for humankind who simply lost self-confidence and ability to see themselves as really perfect „products” of nature and seek for improvement where actually many problems just arise. I recommend book „Radical Evolution” of Joel Garreau to read about so many evidences that have been known more than 10 years ago about many sides of processes that some people have been screwed in, other fucked into and some finally kicked into them. If that journalist could see this and so clearly describe pros and cons, possibilities and threats I just realized that so called technical minds – however in particular fields brilliant – are generally of that disabled minority of people who no matter how perfectly can concentrate – never see the whole phenomena and all problems that they induce.

This is just an example how it is wishfully believed to replace human language acquisition with a mathematical model. Brilliant but the more I studied AI the more realized – this is great field, endlessly inspiring but the more in the woods actually the more problems I see and nature had just millions years to shape genetic code that allowed to „initialize” human mind – that anyway needs to be shaped and corrected by the environment all the time. I recommend books of Steven Pinker in this field.

And one more remark. For seven years that I studied clinical psychology I was interested in most complex problems of this field. I investigated phenomenon of schizophrenia as well. To see this phenomenon completely new way helped me approach of Seymour Epstein with his cognitive-experiential self-theory. My hypothesis is that I could continue considerations that introduced earlier the following way. Some relationships between processes, modalities and emotions are known in psychology. But if mind really works as a big „heart” I mean – the blood is information – convergent and divergent type. And left hemisphere process what knows and everything gets more and more clear, we feel relaxed and satisfied, see everything as a whole and intuitively and fast. But holistic cognition is more the function of right hemisphere so here – my hypothesis is that holistic experience increased by cognitive left-hemisphere process of making everything more known switch on right hemisphere that starts to vacuum more information from the environment what may destroy that image if it was built only by left one. Bang! Clover isn’t it? The „continuousness” of flow of information between hemisphere is the key to understand – manipulation, Facebook and schizophrenia. I also wrote a good article about depression that I never published but I focus there more insightful consideration about the role of particular areas in brain and how „stuck-ness” and malfunctioning of them may keep someone’s mood constantly low. With head always on details and when new information is rejected and Bayesian thinking is suspended. Trying to understand machinery of human cognition I realized that this is sth to be metaphorically „catched” but with a threat to our continuous insight that probably should remain divergent – and here! this is what Facebook will never come up with and will lead people to global schizophrenia. Great! I have a job for my lifetime!


And here one more summary of cognitive processes across the phenomenon of lateralization of basic human conscious experience. Closed-minded people are often with dominating left hemisphere activity. Everything seems known to them – sometimes after long time of socialization, education, conditioning, media propaganda, political manipulations and other forms of conditioning. Mind gets stuck in own belief system and among what is known. Arie Kruglansky once proposed a term of „need for cognitive closure” so left-winged people are finally autistic due to need for everything to be clear and comprehensive for them immediately and this is the most rewarding experience for them. But when a person has dominating right-hemisphere – this is however truly holistic, image processing part of our brain but with consequences. People with dominating that hemisphere never become sure whatever, they vacuum reality as if there is no filtering option and are normally stuck among negative emotions and confusion. The process of sinking among never named doubts is more intense than the process of classifying things and generating notions and another motivation to make notions common – another thing to be discussed and often discussed by the occasion of attempts to highlight what schizophrenia actually is – here one often recalled argument by specialized psychologists in this field is about lack of motivation of a schizophrenic person to make all her or his own notions common with other people. But this disease is so complex that there must be a general malfunctioning mechanism in brain of a person that generates chaos hard to be organized by any known as functioning cognitive process. And look again at the hemispherical balance of cognitive-emotional functions. Left-wingmans as a rule are sure and think they see and know everything (sometimes to the degree of a delusional thinking) and this is common „stuckness” of scientists and this is why some of them are called ill. People generally intuitively recognize that something is wrong with a person, even if may find it hard to explain and name that aberration or malfunction. Probably this is more connected with just normal right hemisphere activity of „reality acquisition” by a brain that normal people just have. Hard to say if dominating their experience. And also normal thing is that people individually or in groups invent own notions for social, physical phenomena etc. But when a person with dominating right hemisphere get sunk in unfiltered reality – may be not able to name all the experience what may lead to lose a connection with other people in terms of some communication rules, habits and social expectations in this field. Right hemisphere people are more negative generally. They see everything and experience everything. But cinematography delivered all broad and comfortable audience the evidence that mental illness may be of both origin and make look differently. Like a perfect and unrealistic order of B&W world of John Nash that became worth of feeling mercy one day no matter his discoveries and „Noble prize” and totally imperfect, overly realistic black minded people who are so deep in all discovered truths, all the manifestations of the reality that are scared of and rejected by the environment. But the main factor to balance experience is synchronous experience of left and right hemisphere way of thinking/experiencing. And social networks play key role also in another variable seen as crucial for mental illnesses – social support, rejection, social reward, social learning etc. Social media in this case did so much to make life a nightmare for people who do not fit to any schema, script or scenario that for me this is just best to observe how repression evolved generally as a tool since Medieval era and that motives of those who organize this game never changed. Many forces can be blamed now – zionists, rich people etc. But the fact is that consciousness no matter for black, poor Jews, Christians, atheists, rich people with motorboat licence is the best weapon to defend against rape, abuse, attempts to take control over life, relationships etc.


Is this actually paranormal history?


I would rather say Paula sees herself as paranormal, because she sees clearly what happened in this place. This may exceed her belief and known value system of the society she lives now however may see the history as much clear as present times. She may experience with more empathy what has happened there even to the degree she loses an ability to react with an empathy to what may happen around her in present.

In secondary school we traveled with friends a lot, sometimes we visited places like Treblinka, Gierłoż. Once in Gierłoż my car just refused to ride. I had to call the assistance that had to come from Kętrzyn. It was about 2003 or 2004. When assistance came we pushed the car for about 500 meters at night in the forest near the great Hitler’s bunker with a little tower that fell maybe many years ago across the road so this was just a tiny gate to drive through with a car and this was accessible part of whole complex just to drive into a forest a bit. After all it has become clear that a little ring that cost 25 zł that protected differential in gear was broken but it happened when I tried to pass that „gate” by that horrible bunker at night. What’s more assistance also had problem to start engine when pulled my car a the back of this assistance car and we traveled to Kętrzyn for 2 hours! So look at all coincidences – metaphorical, physical, all associations and meanings in that situation and see that this was not only a physical experience to us. But had additional direct and metaphorical meaning that opened access to horrible memories and made us questioning what was known to us and opened our experience to unknown for whole evening and way back after all to Olsztyn. We had to spend additional 2 days in Olsztyn having just a relief from that unexpected consequences of that journey. And we did not plan to stay in that part of Poland more than 1-2 days. We were attending to school etc. But fear, memories is like magnifier glass.


In my opinion human nature did not change. Mockery, cruelty, intriguing about other people’s lives or between them is an ordinary practice around the world. And justified for many. In my opinion Mark Zuckerberg who earns on spreading hate and mockery is a proof that Adolf Hitler was just a tool in hands of those who have been believed to be richer. This is simple scam mechanism. Germany was a poor country at the beginning of XX century. I carefully listened to lectures of Economic History when started my university education in Warsaw School of Economics. Germany have been jealous of economic success of British empire and France who had colonies. Same time Germany experienced hyperinflation and poverty. Hyperinflation has lead Germany also to Second World War. It was one winter in Germany called after Swedish turnip winter. People in poverty, in a need look at those who seem to afford more. And are constantly jealous. We can also blame the capitalism for holocaust as much as Adolf Hitler – primitive hysterical person. Whole system of people who find pride in having lots of money, being proud of inequality is also something to be judged. And not the system. Because people may be judged individually. For having empathy or not.

When even British New Scientist is doing great mockery emphasizing who is doing what only by distinguishing whether is rich or not look at this photo from private zoo in Treblinka that was for fun of German and Ukrainian workers when 900 thousands Jew have been killed. And look if this is not just an argument between psychopaths and empaths, not Jews and Polish, Jews and German, Germans and Americans. This is not a soccer. This is reality of highly insecure psychopaths not to lose a proportion of their great salary due to inflation. And other abstract problems when poor, crisis-eaten, empath people are losing with the cruelty of dominating ideology. Of dominating categories of thinking. As if really NSDAP during Second World War or now users of Google, Facebook, Apple have been really so important. This means still groups, majorities, big money etc. etc. For me this is just a shit of people with tiny brain capacity.

And look at this gallery and decide if possible taking into account comments and replies to them whether she is a passionate about Holocaust or a victim of a trauma about this what goes far beyond normal emotional resources to deal with emotional pain, stress etc. like hebefrenics develop finally that „stuck-ness” into negativity and obsession around cruelty, aggression and finally forming auto destructive habits

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg has ever suffered from any kind of tramatic experience? Rather not. More than 3 years ago I spotted accidentally because I never knew what to look for at his profile. That he adopted a dog that looked like a rag to indicate an attitude to something. This is typical for primitive hysterical people and in this case I see a great similarity to Adolf Hitler. That every step they reveal something is just an attempt to cruelly recapitulate someone else but not to refer. Just another circus for audience not something to comprehend. Rather via his uniquely personal sense of humor that requires to understand his psychology to accept his rules more consciously. Often people get into that due to lack of knowledge about consequences of revealing some information about themselves. But this does not deny the fact that a simple game that starts from running a new Facebook profile is aimed to never end and is focused on simple auction mechanism to exhibit more and more, to engage in a trap of engagement and consequence of it. I observed more carefully people who I suspected to be victims of some traumatic experiences. After trauma there remains some disability about how much shame or guilt may be realized one time, accepted and experienced by the body. People with changed mechanism about experiencing shame I observed to engage faster and when they feel abused by an algorithm they start to reveal without any limit. This happens because so called Stockholm syndromme happens. It was much time ago observed and I do not want to recall whole story behind that syndromme that a victim of a traumatic abusive event is more eager to cooperate, to give up with a perpetrator. What happens when a perpetrator is a robot, algorithm or a hacker who does not reveal his motives, identity. Who hides behind general rules of his casino game? Unfortunately whole this abusive mechanism, called a scam when it is about finance of a victim but simply abuse when refers to more personal aspects of a person like identity, interests, influences, associations, preferences, professional skills, affiliations, information about work.


Kurt Franz who organized his private zoo in Treblinka died in nursing home in Wuppertal in the year 1998



Cruelty is just another side of that so called bright: