Information war

A definition: Zuckerberg = pantshitter, asshole, autistic person (I use many terms not to repeat same surname responsible for all the mess I write about sometimes).

How I would call a mass (a serie) of  inspirational actions towards someone to be attribute number 18. Does any one felt ever like a number? (I am not asking Jews right now).

So no matter who you will engage next time. What celebrity will get screwed Avril Lavigne or Britney Spears. Be sure that Shakira is simply too intelligent for that just disturbing people wasting own time.


What I would simply say about information war to simply sum up a serie of ineffective actions. Why not effective? Because you did not kill me yet like you killed Bin Laden. A victim of more than 30 years of permanent American way of foreign policy in Middle East. So as long as you send me provocative suggestions via Facebook, spam emails, inspirational pages, scraps of thoughts, quotes, images etc. And even track my activity by day and at night on my mobile phone or a computer. Remember that there comes another day that I get up and think what a shit is going to happen to me today?

So I wash oder brush my teeth. Then for exampel log in to Facebook. And WTF? No more shit like so far? Someone’s got exhausted? And still needs to pay off credit installments?

So. Be careful simply what you do. And especially when not paid for this whether this makes sense at all.

So I would summarize actions from Western countries (not Russia like Zuckerberg likes to call every black swan he encountered). Mind that this autistic pantshitter is a representative of whole USA. Is like a prophet or diplomat when during studies was an asshole with problems with emotional intelligence. Mind that your countries attribute power according to inequality rules to not responsible people who design systems to be responsible for time wasting, aggression spread. This means also loss of efficiency from economic point of view.  Eg. Zuckerberg as a stupid person that can be characterized by wishful thinking (naive form of thinking typical for a child but also for people with autism). Did not realize the complexity of world we live in and challenges. Created just open information system with hierarchical organisation of attributing status, prestige, attention, popularity due to likes and paid ads and expected that everyone (of 7 bln people in the world!) will play clear the same game and if not he designed a mechanism to punish someone that breaks the rule and algorithm tries to corner a logged in person using a long listed projection network of paranoid stuff! And this is not a computer game like Doom or Quake from my adolescence! It is enough to suggest tones of worst shit when someone is recognized by algorithm to be a bit troubled, depressed, sleepy, hungry or whatever. People are simply selected and victimized by algorithms. Moods / states recognition mechanism is not yet impressive however to some extent accurate. So algorithm may select someone to finish „him” or „her” like in a Golding „Lord of Flies” book. Isolating layer by layer from the environment and inducing a psychosis. I did many experiments with such algorithms as well real entities screwed. Some personalities I can infer of course but am educated enough to distinguish real person from an algorithm activity. It used to be called „bot” in 90s that I was most passionate about computers. Why I am not too concerned about world collapse now? Because I see Szrenica from my window. And I am sure that this view will last even for next hundreds of years. And a storm on a Jupiter that lasts for 350 hundreds of years did not realize that we had two world wars so far and who knows if are not at the edge of 3rd one. I can agree with suggestions I was getting probably from news agencies that cooperated with CIA for some time. This way I see a positive role of such agencies from USA that however intrigued in my life but to show me via articles I got to one my mobile phone that I was right about topics I commented and predicted intuitively even incidents of mass shooting etc.

So I know now that I am highly valued by USA intelligence as an independent analyst.

Next step for Zuckerberg will be simply to copy a CIA organization or another from 17 intelligence organisations that are established in the USA so far.

Why IT geeks having good salary do not see a problem? Because autistic people never see whole picture. Their disability limits their cognitive processes to narrow frames and anxiety is the only thing they encounter beyond their personal limitations. They keep high self esteem and sense of purpose that keeps their motivation. But if they actually know what they do? No. They are only brainwashed by IT leaders that they do something important and for a purpose. What they simply realize is only logic of a function they create and nothing more. And functionality is only inferred from strategic objectives of a plan of IT project. This is worst shit I discovered about „work” of times we live in. There is in fact no serious work. There are only stupid, mind limiting projects that distort other functions of other things created before.

So I would state the following as just a rule that comes from psychology education (basic things for students of I year of psychology):

  1. A repeated reference to other person is called that you „disturb” someone. Word similar to distortion, interruption.
  2. Fucking into other person’s head, personality, plan, idea, dream can be even called a rape from the point of view of clinical psychology. This is why developed field called psychology of trauma.
  3. Overlooking or eavesdropping someone else’s life, dreams, private life, messages is simply an espionage. Activity to be attributed to so called information war.
  4. There is no such a thing as innocence or good intentions behind not trusting each other in a world we live and overwatching them instead.
  5. The reason for anger and aggression, of inertia towards destruction is often abuse that needs to meet with adequate revenge.

And just to make some intelligent people (i do not believe that intelligent people are too many). But to make them imagine a bit that you cannot destroy everyone on this earth is that man who does not need too many gadgets but can write like an artist on a blackboard using color chalk.