Gmünd, Villach, Wien, December 2015

Through Villach I was traveling 3 times between August and December 2015. Simply due to a feeling. I stayed in Gmünd in autumn when I traveled with my father and in December when my friend Sebastian wanted to go with me but after one night left me snowboarding in the mountains area and took the train from Villach to Wien. I have spent most of that time alone but not feeling lonely. There are places I swear I feel like home and I cannot understand completely where it comes from. There is something that reminds me home of a very fundamental origin of me, of the way I feel who I am. I liked one girl in summer in one place but feelings are used to change so much, impressions. Sometimes I just want to have memories and do not touch people, do not hook them and do not interrupt them from their lives just because it is more like an inspiration than a need to bind somewhere. Being a musician helps me to see such situations more easily as totally right. That you just exchange some feelings for a while with people who seem to you to be familiar but you simply do not want anything concrete from them. I is not what it is all about when we just have a need more of emotional kind. People concerned about just making money differ from me so much that I may seem to them as if completely insane the way I am sometimes. I do not understand them either. People often suggest me where is my home (the best of course where to work, what to do and most of people cannot stop talking about money and many of them are investigating such issues as much as they can – exhausting, boring, annoying for me I will interrupt their lives even worse the least moment they expect as revenge is just an emotional phenomenon to stay healthy, secure, feeling protected so we need to battle often, often against privacy breach – I mention this because it was a time of mass fucking into my private space I ever experienced). But I can only nod or deny with my head. Or whatever. It simply does not matter. Everyone has right to think whatever they want and to me the most mistaken ever be. But I know where it feels like home for me and as all my grandmothers, grandfathers generations passed away so long time ago I cannot describe it. But Poland for a long time is not fundamentally making me to feel like home. Not like home of my origin. People sometimes travel really far away to find themselves and will swear that cannot tell you what makes them feel to be themselves somewhere else but when it feels like this to them it must be true. It is really simple.