Some compositions



A theme from one of my songs. Korg Kronos is too powerful instrument still to get used to. Has a good dynamics range and it is more like a stage instrument sometimes than comfortable little tool for composing music. But I try to make use of really a lot what is delivered with this instrument too. Hard to enumerate so many advantages.


I write these words only to those who’s fate is to understand me. To all the rest: if you do not understand me. Ignore me. Do not fuck me up, do not fuck into my life, do not follow me (this blog is not a Facebook), do not investigate me and my life issues. Just let me live like 7 bln of people in this world have to live somehow. And I am really not different.

Here is my composition from 28.05.2006. It took me  then ca. 3 hours to transfer what I had in my musical imagination into recordings in DAW and some arrangements. After that I added some elements gradually. But compositions just come to me me suddenly. Enlighten me in a kind of insight. Being inspired is good. But the way how my musical imagination used to work sometimes is out of my control and ability to understand. Sometimes it just works. And works unconditionally and produces music against my will and sometimes ignoring my physiological functions like eg. need for sleep etc.



Song sounds generally to be about

2:41 and a few times after that like deja vu feels like

La Danse Macabre Jan Frans De Boever 1912. Thanks Christopher Jones for posting it on Facebook to the group DARK SOUND ♫ on 2nd of October.

Już cyganie czekają z muzyką.