Lake Zürich /CH/


My photos from orientation walk on 22.08.2018 Sous le ponts de Zürich +

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Between 18-21.10.2018 I will be under address: Mutschellenstrasse 114, 8038 Zürich, Switzerland.

I am not sure about how much space in my car I will have so any questions about my journey you can ask till tomorrow evening via my mobile phone +48 605 232 330.

Here you can find useful tips whenever you go to Zürich:

20.10.2018, photos from snorkeling in Lake Zürich

Too tight my of 19 years old double part 7 mm wetsuit.

But keeps warmth. However I could not close a zip on my back to an end and an external part I even did not try to close with a zip once I tried for a while what deprived me of an opportunity to breathe.