My new guitar after 12 years of not buying any.



My old library. This place during my worse period became my prison. Engrossed me. And I was too young and challenges that seemed to be right for me were not right. Were simply not mine. Not my story. I moved to a place that helped me to rearrange not only my mind but also my heart. To start to see with my heart again.



Hausmanka U Kozy, Oldřichov v Hájích. I encountered really a bit strange situation. One man looking a bit like one doctor I cooperated with for some time a few years eariler joined me in my table and started to talk with me. But along he opened up I was wondering if he does not know something about me not just by accident but just because that situation might be a bit made up. He presented himself as a teacher from Liberec who come from Opole in Poland from German minority. And a few times turned into topics quite I was interested in like that police in Liberec is looking for Polish speaking specialists (I presented myself as a psychologist). Because 25% of all thefts in Liberec are done by people of Polish origin. It is quite a lot… And started to express himself as if he knew everyone in Liberec. And emphasized many times that he does not work, because he does not have to. Yeah, great. But personally, I never feel to be necessary to present myself this grandiose way. Just to keep a contact I wrote an email to him after all but did not get any reply what means only that it is generally unpleasant person and rude by character. Two Czechs by origin joined us after some time and again I was as if investigated about whether I am not looking for job opportunities in Czech Republic. But those who joined had spontaneous ideas that I could work as an operator of a forklift in a warehouse. Oh yes! This is exactly what I was always „destinied” to do. Do I need a special course or just can show you how I ride it?