Park dzikich zwierząt w Kadzidłowie. Orzeł (eagle).

Żbik (wildcat, felis silvestris silvestris)


My first car


A good place that finally brought new hope into my life. Places are extremely powerful to people with a cat nature like me.

When I feel full and happy – I can live my life even this way:




My beloved cat who died a few months later

With him died also a part of me. Maybe some people loved me for that part. But that part no longer exist. Since his death I am a bit different person. Get over it because pretensions, expectations to me to be someone else than I am annoy me.


A chestnut tree I loved to plant in my new home.


With my sister exploring forest near my house.

Composing my song Colorful in my studio in Ryki. Last weeks of all this gear in this place. It was truly peaceful and inspiring. But my life required maybe not to move on immediately but to change. After my cat died a some time later I was sure not always we can move on in life. I remember one evening when I was lonely in London in June 2010 or something and I was called by young girls from London a mourner. But I was not sad. And if I really was they would not hook me this way. Then I would not agree to accept such a label. Such a reflection of how I show off as the way I am sometimes. But in autumn 2014 I really was. And girls from all corners of my life suddenly jumped towards me to bomb me with mockery on Facebook. Not to let me go through sense of emotional loss. I will remember this period of my life as a horror forever. I realized I cannot trust 99,9% of people I simply did not realize about them what’s important enough earlier. And life taught me fast how to see through people more deeply. In order to avoid them in the future.


My sister finished this puzzle during her own worse period in life. Such puzzles are good for time in life when you have a lot to think over. And nothing will help you or streamline, ease off the challenge to make an order in your heart and mind on your own.

My new cat Rakija who came with me from holidays in Croatia in September 2014.