Visit to MUDA 🦙

Thank you for a long talk. It is not common for me to speak myself so clearly and thoroughly on so many topics of my interests. From history to architecture, digital arts, influence of technology on our lives. Nice to meet in Zürich someone who shares a passion to French culture and Côte d’Azur. Zürich is definitely no matter how raw in reception more of my own nature and reflects how I am generally well. I realized same day a few hours later a tourist guide book about Zürich and it struck me that 99% of photos in this book are as if taken by myself. This tells me more about how I am than any opinions and other voices whether someone agree who I am or how I am or not. This city combines what’s best from the history and modernity well. And the fact of being a bit raw only emphasize a bit raw nature of myself.

As I shared that impression – that Member’s room is a perfect place to experience samples of what’s your museum is about from different periods of quite short history of all phenomena of this kind. It is not easy to catch some nuances and ideas that you somehow did. Thank you and good luck.