Roland RS-70 vs Juno-D comparison

Roland Juno Gi presentation

When I’ve heard a song Push of Avril Lavigne the obsessive thought of WTF started to spread in my mind. The beat was like from the sequencer of Roland RS-70 synthesizer. I used these patterns in some of my songs…

Maybe it really was you in Las Vegas in 2010. We were sure with Natalia that this was you. Just after that I took her a photo with a man dressed like from Pirates of the Caribbean.

My own recording of demo of Korg Kronos from Musikmesse 2011. A new insight. A new inspiration. An instrument that opened me up. Opened my mind to totally new approach to use of musical instrument, to compose etc. But I waited too long for this instrument. Everything was important etc. But I did not feel that this is me to be in such a creative process. Why? Hard to say if science was something that really was driving me in life. Unhappiness was the reason for what decision I was making sometimes. I wish all unhappy people simply good luck. Your life isn’t easy for sure.