Solo guitar inspirations

For my guitar playing influential was solo guitar playing of Polish bands with best guitarists this means Lady Pank, but also Bajm – they always had a very talented solo guitarist. Some session musicians in Poland are also very talented.

One curiosity is that Orange amp I use on my own was owned personally by Zbigiew Hołdys earlier.

Videos from the concert of Lady Pank, 13.10.2018

And of course from abroad like obviously Joe Satriani, Steve Vai. I became more familiar with music of Eric Johnson due to inspiration of my friend from Musikmesse.

In the section skateboarding on a video from 21.11.2016 I ride my skateboard to this song:

I mean the way some tension is built in this song fits to a performance when you need time for warm up, time for repetition, time to speed up and for the experience on the edge of your skills that every another attempt, every another performance you overcome what you’ve learned last time. This song is about achievements. No matter that is only instrumental guitar song. I hear this all the time.

I like also Andy Timmons. I discovered also a very talented musician Glenn Proudfoot from Australia in 2014.

This was a very inspiring discovery in 2014. Not too many songs but a few very innovative in the creativity of use of style, technique and some element of invention. Something between sound and technique.

And numerous other musicians. A lot I experienced also during rehearsals I’ve been to, major and minor concerts, fair like Musikmesse were also minor band but with good sound present themselves.