Lady Pank

Almost whole LP3, ZTGT, Tacy Sami, some songs from Na na.


Synth parts insanely fit to whole composition. For me it was always striking how it is possible to arrange songs this way. But when I started to create music on my own I realized that simply your imagination, sense of rhythm, sense of general musical taste, sense of sound is your limit. When you want it everything perfectly fit to each other. But I realized it after creating a few songs on my own. Of different genres, of different kind.

I like especially,

  • the use of reverb and delay effects,
  • the use of octaver effects,
  • generally the use of effects is genius.
  • But also the sense of ADSR curve for synths and effects is insanely adequate in many songs of Lady Pank.

I could educate people about musical analysis of a musical work, sound design and sound engineering within one course only on a basis of your songs.


In 1998 or 1999 I had a girlfriend from Zabrze.


From the album Tacy sami


From the album Zawsze tam, gdzie ty

It is so sad that this is maybe one video of live performance of so beautiful song

Rare videos from rehearsals for this album

Zimowe Graffiti

Not from albums


Jan Bo (I like only this album, but almost whole album. I have an intuition that it was probably the only personal album of Jan Borysewicz. Simply because he seems to be an introvert no matter how much creative, how much composed to the public – I feel many songs are just for the public but not too much personal).