First skate songs – Melody

This may be the first song of this kind. And is in French! I am not willing to share what associations I have with France. I cannot say something in general. But every country recalls to me something different. And it is not different with France. But France recalls a load of content of my imagination that corresponds to this subject well however it is not like that for example I liked Avril Lavigne for so long so this means she was a reason, not saying absurd thing the only reason why I liked France. I was watching many movies and TV series from France as a child and my father was a bit French no matter that 100% not of that origin by genes. More by fate, by the result of being a mixture by himself and blind watchmaker decided that he reflected that pool of genes the most in what a great mixture he inherited after so many. There are theories after all when we take long enough period. We all have the same common ancestor long time ago. And Richard Dawkins tries to explain it clearly even to humanist minds in his book River of genes. So being familiar with a typical French temper from home. With character of Louis de Funes. Also to some extent from my home. And when my first travel to France changed my initial impressions and transformed them into more multilevel. I saw what I was prepared to see. But also saw what TV does not give us an opportunity to. So I also was ready to see this what I did not ever see before. And after all I like this country. But it is not the „easiest” country. And I can say probably not only to live there. But also for some of us probably even to like. For example British people are known for mixed feelings to this country. History is full of conflicts that reveal differences in cultures, basic attitudes. And look at this singer. But look also at Avril Lavigne. She has to cover with her own identity two completely contradictory worlds, cultures. Avril two big cultures, Melody culture of minority and majority (more a problem of myself! but I do not want to state that I have nothing in common in this case with Avril). Cultures that can sometimes bite one another. And she is also bite by herself. Her nails were bite by her. Her clothes also ripped due to her own stresses and internal conflicts she could not understand. This singer is mixed with Belgian culture but of course was singing in French and popular in France. Bad luck or fortune of Avril Lavigne was and maybe still is that she had much greater challenge and weathered this storm standing on the top of that wave for so long. But let’s not be delusional. For every pheonomena there are limits in the universe. This singer like video below had much less luck. I really like her songs but there are really a few of them! I think that complex identity is kind of problem. Kind of resource. But something that does not contribute to our success or popularity sometimes. We have no influence on general things like general values popular across the world, general sentiments like nationalist vs internationalist, multicultural etc. Everything changes, and popularity of some ideas, attitudes – whether respect mixed or „pure” natures it all depends on tastes far beyond our control. And maturity is when you finally say „I got it” – it is not a good time to shine. Or I will not shine to the eternity because is Lady Gaga (now in cinema you will watch a film about the story of that singer because that story is now important from popularity point of view and what values etc. make people maybe still conflicted the most) and eg. now minorities like transsexuals, LGBT like they always been but now determined like no one before want to sing their truths so not every wave of popularity of something else is something we can stand and just compete with not saying fighting against something we simply cannot fight with. Good to notice early whether times are good for our ideas or not really. I am happy that Melody had good times and when I listen to her I regret same way like I regret Lady Pank that I was not born in different generation.