Wilki, Robert Gawliński


I could comment on a lot about what I like and dislike in the personality of Robert Gawliński. But honesty is a power of this man for sure. And a positive power no matter how controversial he tries to be in what is going to say sometimes. He is honest like people in Poland rarely are. And I am sure he is aware of this fact as well as of the price he may pay sometimes for that honesty. Polish people are often deceitful, and sometimes honest but a strategic way. Honesty in a former communist country where thoughts of people were limited by the system is seen not as a bravery or expression of oneself but stupidity to kill immediately. Or insanity to treat with a distance, a bit of protective care and medical compassion. For example to revenge someone else.

Robert Gawliński is honest because this is somehow maybe how he is as a person. So he is honest the least aggressive way possible I think. Just being heart-centered spontaneous in his honesty. Typical for artists. And it may be a paradox to many people what I am going to say. But as Polish are seen as primitive in honesty sometimes, and more cultural people will say also what’s wrong about being simply aggressive like passive aggressive for example when you are honest to someone when it is too late to be honest so being honest strategical way to depreciate someone this way with too late honesty when it will no longer help you to hear this or that, not to hurt or disappoint someone else. In fact Polish generally aren’t. I mean honest. Primitive are like people generally can be everywhere and everyone sometimes can be. Sometimes but I would not say it is a general truth. But here you can experience something what sometimes is called a fantasy, sometimes a sop. Or I am not good with my English vocabulary in some cases still but to say. Many things such an artist can say have multiple, multilevel meanings. And some meanings, messages are direct, some too direct like sound a bit impolite, not kind. Some are strikingly symbolical and stimulating reflection. And here you can find what does it mean and how does it feel to be Polish. Not easy thing to be Polish in Poland. Even in Poland! To live there. To survive. And this is direct sense of this answer in interview. That Robert Gawliński wrote one song to buy a house in Warsaw. I would never dream about house in Warsaw or it was just a nightmare. But Robert Gawliński dreamed and respect for the fact he found a way to fulfill his dream. What he is going to say sometimes is just something to make many minor people say to themselves „ja pierdolę”.

This was also an act of honesty. But first an act of an empathy. I did not inspire Robert to write this song of course. But the way he performed this song especially in Park Bródnowski in June this year (2018) where I did not experience a fair relationship a few years earlier. Rather a predatory compensation of a girl who tried to become close too fast not to destroy something in my life. No matter she was not successful in this that way he sings there a song that recall to situation with a girl I met in spring 2016 in a much better place is something that in its intention was to touch my heart a bit. I can say it has always two different sides. To show your sympathy to another man. Who is maybe somehow like you or somehow different is an act of honesty but also an act of courage as for popular artist it may be to once get out of own head, stand in the shoes of someone else to expressively show that you identify with that person, his problems, worries, regrets because maybe is a bit like you. I realized this fact about that he is aware of me with a doze of sympathy to me on a concert in Olecko in summer 2016. But for me it is not surprising as Robert Gawliński for a long time somewhere between my age of 13-16 was maybe the most powerful idol of me. For every artist to see people inspired by you is simply rewarding. Especially when these are talented ones somehow at least. And even if they are inspired just a bit – I can say cultural people never copy, never imitate in 100%. They just get inspired a bit with what is really good. I we are inspired this way this means it was worth to be inspired for sure. What is always a good feedback for the artist. I am also a person getting drowned easily, exhausted, sometimes upset by too much about what surrounds me. I disagree with what world tries to tell me often and mockery of Robert during this performance is also his mockery of himself. What was quite genius. To dress a bit like someone else. But shows that this is himself still.

A song Cherman is one of my favorite. But the first album I listened to many songs from during my first concert ever was album X. But before I liked to listened to first album ever and all the songs I like from the first album.

But chronologically.

A song Eroll from the first album is a song that if I had a little curved knife and was lonely on a desert I would turn myself into a little Arabic prince who can differentiate friends from enemies in milliseconds.

Another song is a song about someone that Avril Lavigne wants to become right now. A song Beniamin is a powerful song about solitude, about being in a constant movement and questioning everything when being on one’s own way. On coping with emotional homelessness and ability to emotionally attach to somewhere or someone. And about unexpected love that sometimes helps to go through such an uncertain life. As a son of a repatriate war survivor whose parents and 5 sisters moved with whole belongings and even with animals like dogs and cows, moved to new abandoned houses to start life from 0 in an ex Prussian village Wolfsdorf in a very north of Poland. Believe me, all of you I am a perfect person to know what this song is all about. But this song is about strength of being used to an uncertainty. I was focusing on risk, probability and uncertainty as a scientist with academic successes. What is my own personal success. To be an academic expert in what this song is about. And believe me again. For me it is still so hard to understand people who know only comfort of being settled in one place. I do not know this feeling well. And what can I say. I do not understand those of you.

Another song from this album is Glorya. A song about raw bloody power of any advantage you can have over something or someone else. This is a song about real wilderness and survival of the wildest. And wilderness of a fire of a relationship of course. Robert Gawliński is often singing about relationships but often very metaphorical ways.

And another song Eli lama sabachtani. Beautiful. Especially during live performances. At night. With a right lighting of a concert. Another song about solitude. But the beautiful one that it is hard to effectively comment on. Even it does not come easy for me to comment and analyze this song. I won’t. Use a Google Translator.


Some songs from some albums I do not recognize by album because these are single pearls that were released once a few years but valuable one. And as much powerful as first songs of Wilki and then Robert Gawliński.

Nigdy nie jest za późno. A very beautiful song when you think or what worse feel to be true that it is too late for something. When you feel it is too late for something just listen!


First solo album of Robert Gawliński Kwiaty jak relikwie.

A song Mała iskra / A little spark. A song full of meaning for me. About old wisdom and change. About deep search of truths, guidance in old books. About reading signs carefully. About believing in dreams. About relating to someone by sharing what we realize that we have in common.

And Kwiaty jak relikwie is a beautiful song about beauty you can see in the world still even when you are surrounded with collapse and destruction of everything. See then a fire. Dance with it. But do not let be robbed of what’s your own, of own truths, and stand distanced to crowds. Because crowds are not important. But flowers. This is also a song about giving up of irrational challenges we sometimes want to follow and treat as our ultimate goals. This is a song to recover heart-centered balance that can give us only true relationships with people who represent a different sex. So this is simply a love song but indirect way and love in a world that is not easy to live in. Where somewhere burns a fire suddenly and we cannot be sure many things.


And from another album a song called O sobie samym / About myself. And this is a song also about even more intimate relationships but also being oneself, about self cognition in a world full of uncertainty. Refrain of the song is a dramatic appeal to restore in your value systems what always had to be fundamental for you. Love in a world full of hate. Being on own’s way in a world where well known, commonly attended earlier ways collapse. And again it is a song about to restart to see the beauty in the world. No matter what surrounds us a specific time to see the beauty is necessity. Is fundamental to preserve an instinct to see the beauty in a world where sometimes it is hard to see this.

And my favorite songs from album X. This album corresponds to a difficult time during my childhood and early adolescence. I received meanings sometimes too direct. Somehow identity shaping album. Sometimes even to realize it after years how much influential.

A song that unconsciously inspired me to call my first recording studio Green Island Studio. After that we had to wait many years when Polish PM Donald Tusk called Poland a green island.

Śpiące serce. And this is a song about a heart oriented wisdom. About hibernation. About that sometimes we have heart so soft that almost everyone can touch, sometimes we may have heart of gold and continue to stand like monument in our pride to be golden-hearted. But sometimes our heart is made of stone. And that’s it. Maybe we are waiting for something. Maybe getting rest. Maybe hibernating. It is not a song that appeal „stay”, or „wait”. It is a song in fact about passive feminine element of waiting. Not typical song to be sung by a man. Dark forces of passive powers. Not immediately being passive aggressive but just waiting is what the core wisdom of this song and message is about.

A very sad song from album Gra / Game. Pozytywka. About negative consequences of our blindness or ignorance. So true and so sad. I never understood being 13 or 15  years old why people can be so stupid to climb and climb when sometimes they fall and fall as if there was no bottom. A nihilist song that reflect my emptiness of that period of my life very well. Meaninglessness of life sometimes. Once again I want to state a very beautiful and meaningful song in a world that have no meaning and we do not find answers sometimes.

I have an impression that it is maybe not directly expressed in this song. But someone that this song may be about has gone so high that a person that sees this and state such impressions like it goes with each line of the lyrics just give up on chasing on and following that person. It is just „let it be”. Let it crash.

This is one of the best songs about vectors I’ve ever heard.

Another song from that album after Cherman and Pozytywka is Wszystko co mam. Beautiful song. A song about sharing. But not about fake sharing like when we share something on Facebook. About really responsible decision making and sharing. Giving up when it is worth to give up in a form of sharing something with someone. When it is really important, necessary. When it is a consequence for example of true love that maybe this song is also about.

Not whole album is well sound engineered imho. This song is a bit too overloaded, and loud in terms of so called loudness like in old digital music devices there was a button loudness to increase subjective sense of what happens in a song, to add gain on some frequencies, to add some harmonics and inflate a bottom a bit etc. There is too much space in headroom used for guitars and too loud reverb of drums. It is unpleasant to hear vocal so silent. But some impressionist subtle synth scraps of melody kind elements within whole arrange are beautifully plotted into whole main theme  in terms of lead chord progressions and rhythm and melody that is being sung what I like very much.