Lady Pank songs I like to listen to sometimes

From the album Tacy sami

Oglądamy film.

John Belushi. This is a song I like in a musical layer and for powerful vocal of Janusz Panasewicz. But lyrics written by Zbigniew Hołdys is not too much clear to me in its core message. Incomparably better was a song Mała wojna by Zbigniew Hołdys. But this song fortunately is really powerful when you listen to it and do not focus too much on lyrics. Sometimes in flight on a few phrases, keys, slogans, what is emphasized, thrown in a shower of powerful spells like „fałszywy świat!„. Because world is false. And always was.

And here a digression. I traveled once to Olecko for the I Międzynarodowy Zlot Fanów Lady Pank. I still have a T-Shirt from that event and about 6 years ago I used to see people that came in that T-Shirt to a concert to club Stodoła in Warsaw! And have spent an afternoon a day before concert when I just arrived with other fans. A few boys and girls, we were sitting at the beach near lake in Olecko and talking till late evening. One of them on Internet forum had a nickname John Belushi. It was a great time for me. We were really free. Without Facebook and other shit like this. We contacted via forums, emails and no accidental contacts distracted us then. What is going on right now when you try to contact someone via Internet is just hard to understand. Now Internet is a shit. But I feel happy that since a great comeback to play To jest tylko rock and roll during that concert in the evening of the beautiful July summer of the year 2003. It is so powerful that you realized that this song has to be a part of every concert of your band. I listened it with pleasure 2 weeks ago in Zgorzelec when gain of amplification of miking on drums has been increased almost to maximum.


To jest tylko rock and roll (1984). This song had an English version for an album for the tour in the USA. Album Drop Everything.


But from the album Drop everything I like a song Sly. The only originally written in English and not translated. And it is really nice song in English of the Polish band Lady Pank.