It seemed to me it may be inspiring band. I once read an interview with Janusz Panasewicz who liked this band. I have mixed feelings. I was on their concert in spring 2015 at Orange Warsaw Festival and concert did not impress me too much to be honest.

Generally songs have some fat tension. But too much, too fat. Too tough. Too tight. This music is as if in its intention to keep blood pressure increased. And I have simply no idea what for. If this song was only one of this kind and other different but corresponding with kind of style. Whatever. Generally speaking style maybe whole set, whole band would appeal to me. But in reality I liked only this song. But I do not listen to it too often.

My reflection often is the same. We have too much technology. But creativity, true devotion of an artist to his or her work is still scarce.

But look. I feel it necessary to write about this band in a separate section. Because I cannot say it wasn’t something new. It was for sure. But filled some gap fast and then? I feel that something has been exploited simply in reality with live.