By YouTube videos

I listen to this song for a few years. I love every time in these songs when string instruments accent some moments. Or just decorate them.

I fell in love with you in this moment. When first listened to this moment of this song.

I think in this song you sing strings part is missing to do also kind of dramatic accent. Falling into history may be dramatic for someone who achieved so much like you. I am extremely sorry for this and empathetic about you. As a soul mate of me and idol. I would do a lot but not to change the history, reality, times we live. But to help you to find what could make you happy without the past. This means getting over the reality and moving on where something new may inspire you again.

I love this performance. I love acoustic version of this song.

And I liked very much this performance. I discovered in autumn 2012. It is a bit funny, ironic. Nice. Sexy. You revealed so many faces in your life that you have simply right to be exhausted, depressed. You have simply human rights. Do not forget about it. About them. You also have them.

I like also this song.

I love this song too. But you made me sad with this song. Because is unfortunately somehow deeply ironic too……………………. You need a redemption of every mistake you made in your life. But I am not a God to forgive you in the name of other people. Only you know who you broke. And who broke you. Who you made fell on their knees. To be honest I was even scared trying to analyze your love affairs. I could not. I swear. My surprise when I realized you may take me seriously was not easy moment for me. Not easy to admit even to myself then that I have also true feelings to you. To continue. Also it is important who you made suffer. Sometimes maybe without reason. Ask God for mercy. For the opportunity to be happy in this life again one day. Be sorry for all your mistakes. For all your mood swings. For every time you have hurt someone else for a reason or without reason. I am not sure if for me was ever easy to feel I am in love with you. I do not think so it was ever easy love. I am not an easy lover by nature. However sometimes would do everything to show something, to make my intentions clear but this is often only a beginning of really difficult way. Sometimes to someone else heart. Sometimes to happiness. And the most difficult art is when your goal is happiness of yourself but same time of someone else. It is not always to be together. To continue in a traditional close relationship. It is not often to marry someone. And people who have big hearts can love this way. You sometimes loved this way too.