Not chronologically. But due to which I like the most.

My favorite song from all of Owl City (album Maybe I’m Dreaming).


Second favorite. To whole this album I was driving my car to Budapest via Slovakia. With my girlfriend and one friend who traveled with us. And we were getting there at the dawn. And only due to this well balanced album I did not fall asleep. Now whatever I listen to when I am heading to Budapest I have mood like then.

And my favorite same time is whole album Ocean Eyes. This is my #1 album. Most liked. Definitely.

From the album Ultraviolet.

I got screwed in autumn 2014 in Warsaw listening to album The Midsummer Station. And really respect for the fact you used a painting of Gediminas Pranckevicius on your cover.

From the album Maybe I’m Dreaming.

From the album All Things Bright and Beautiful.