Genius projects, inventions and products forgotten by music industry


The most wonderful device I encountered during so many travels but also visits to biggest music fair in the world was CM Motor Mix. And I feel lucky to talk with its creator during Musikmesse 2005 what I perceive in the categories of luck of similar kind when I met a creator of Marshall amps Jim Marshall in 2003 that you can see a photo with him among my phtos from Musikmesse 2003.

It was never common in Europe to see this device. I was given once an opportunity again to take a better look into details of functioning of this device. And in summer 2010 in Guitar Center in Los Angeles I was even comparing two complementary devices of this brand with Mackie MCU. And I finally decided for Mackie because it is my favorite brand. It is like sports girls when like Nike so are less likely to wear Adidas. And here is maybe not the same. But attachment to a favorite brand plays some role in tastes of sound engineers and sound recording gear geeks like me. But I have a reason of course and I see product CM Motor Mix as far more better but to meet my expectations Mackie device corresponded to them fully when I had to buy two separate devices of Motor Mix to have full set of corresponding functions to what was simply delivered by Mackie. It was really hard moment for me then in Los Angeles to decide. I knew that I can buy things via eBay etc. But it is not the point. When you are in a place where you can touch everything you see only during music fair and not every time. To Frankfurt some manufacturers came rarely. Some maybe only once. So my second opportunity to test on this product in Los Angeles in 2010 was like trying to give up smoking. I could not get over the fact I will not take this particularly system to my home. But even Mackie MCU was quite big and heavy compared with how much luggage I had. Two big suitcases what finally was maybe 70 kg like when I first traveled to Brighton for my English language course when I brought after that a Fender guitar, sampler E-MU Planet Earth (btw. yesterday I did a historical decision to disassemble it from my rack fixing points at a designed bay for it on my studio desk).

An article from Sound on Sound magazine.

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