Evangelical cemetery in Szklarska Poręba



This grave is telling the greatest WTF complaint simply speaking for all of them who lie in this place. That this is simply unfair! But you probably did not see the grave of my grandgrandfather in Janów Poleski in Belarus. Some old people only can show you that it was more or less 50 meters right, left, forward or backward when standing on a playground near school that is today not aware of what was located there earlier. Today on this cemetery namely no soul instead of me that time in the morning. But I felt peace. This place was completely my to contemplate today.


My favorite Polish actor Zbigniew Zapasiewicz was of the origin of Kretschmer family. I attended intensely all plays with his creations in before his death. My intuition was accurate. I saw him in approx. 10 plays. The best and the last play I saw him was in December 2008 The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The drama about Canadian witches of Salem. Accused of witchcraft. Z. Zapasiewicz was playing role of Danforth. In summer 2009 I was at the funeral of Zbigniew Zapasiewicz in the Powązki cemetery in Warsaw. Really a few people came for his funeral. Before his death it was hard to buy a ticket to see a play with him. He had „last goodbye” like a circus artist. A bit forgotten. Like many of us are being forgotten. Only by being forgotten we can realize who has real emotional connection with us. Such people never forget.

https://www.tvn24.pl/wideo/z-anteny/polowanie-na-czarownice-w-powszechnym,179176.html?playlist_id=27730 (http://www.tvn24.pl)

It requires a bit of sensitivity to write an inscription this way. I do not feel personally emotional connection with Hauptmanns. But my grandmother half Czech, half German that had one ancestor Spur what when you check is of British origin 😹 but her mother was of surname Dedecius. And there was on that territory in the region around Łódź a famous translator of Polish literature into German language. Also Karl, of the surname Dedecius. So having also language skills and taking into considerations the fact that my grandmother was speaking fluently 4 languages when many Polish people could not write their name in Polish without a mistake makes me that at least from intellectual point of view I care. Yes, I care.