Old cemetery in Gutkowo (Olsztyn)


This is a very interesting place because you can see here that this land was a Vaterland for both Prussian / German and Polish people who defended it during first world war fighting arm in arm. Being brothers in arms against their enemies. Here Polish and German surnames are listed, carved on that plate same way, they were equal to each other and died defending what they were believing in. If you think that identity, who you simply are, history of the world, seeing the world in terms of security, who is your ally and who is your enemy is easy so there are still so many ways to rethink it whether it is really so simple – to answer who you are, who you should stand beside so there are so many ambiguous things still that better do not stir controversies. Better do what makes you happy because starting policymaking without enough intellectual capacity can cost you simply a lot. You will never pay off how much could cost you your ignorance or simply lack of sensitivity.

Many German families stayed here even after second world war. Because here culture is simply different. Much different than in other parts of Poland. And here lived people of different ethnic group like Polish, Prussian, German and lived in harmony that could be only threatened by a global politics.