Alicja Janosz

A lovely performance. I loved this voice since I first listened to.


And this is a very good sound engineered composition. I liked the use of dynamics effects in this version. And of course the voice of Alicja Janosz sounds really powerful in this performance.

A few really nice songs

I like unfortunately only the first album. I bought an album released lately but honestly listened to it only once or twice at all. There is something hard to explain. Some lack of authenticity, honesty from the beginning in the creation of this artist. I cannot explain it. Voice powerful, beautiful. But it was a bit fake to pretend to be weak, fragile. You are a total opposite. You are very strong and the best what you can do is to sing powerful songs. It is a bit confusing sometimes when someone appears to other people like fragile but hides a different nature. But in such a case the best is to present ourselves the way we really are. For artists it is simply obligatory or you will not survive. Roxette’s styled Milk&honey turn does not make me believe in honesty this is what constitutes such a person. Her basic shape. I am sure everyone experiences worse periods, lack of energy, motivation. But some of us are fated to choose one image to maintain as artists. Sometimes there are people like after all David Bowie was summarized. But such people are more called actors. Musicians are more often expected to be true. And when wrong people advised you at the beginning of a career. You can be wrong in how you think is best to present yourself as an artist. I wish all artists at the beginning were „advised” by psychologists. But in fact the opposite happens. Are most wrongfully powerfully primitively suggested by just brain-washers from TV shows etc. This is a total mistaken view on what a person can achieve in life in general. If life was funny we would know about it. But isn’t and someone has messed a bit something around this person having such a beautiful voice. But I remember myself being too young to understand all those who could fuck you up then. My advice, wait till Kuba Wojewódzki will be 70 years old and fuck him up. Or anyone else you want to. Maybe then you will feel much better. Life is also to revenge people they deserve a revenge. Life is simply simple. When you know what to do to release from unhealthy emotions from unhealthy situations with toxic people.


Good that something optimistic was released a few years ago.