Greenland, 02.09.2012

This is the travel I will be proud of till the end of my life.

nature, housing, landscapes, local culture, power and water supply, transportation, local market, sales of goods, relationships with other parts of the world – here you can find a trace of everything I noticed and shared using my photos

This anchor was painted white in St. Johns, Newfoundland. After Transatlantic journey it looked really rusty. It is incredible what a challenge is to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Ordinary people who watch TV and cannot experience on their own so many details would not believe in how many details contribute to the success of such travel.

I do not have too much to say. If I was ever fat in my life it was in 2012 for sure. I feel shame till today for what I did to my body by simply how I neglected just sports and obviously simple physical activity in the name of intellectual achievements.

Maybe it was the last photo taken on this land by me. But all of them have some meaning to me. And tell me that this travel was really worth. Every year since 2012 it pays me back in how rich I feel with reflections and thoughts that brought to me that time. And I believe it was not only just a specific period. But generally landscapes, cultures, specific people I met. I receive sometimes so many incentives that it is hard to process them for years. After years I have really mature reflection about what sometimes being fresh is really so hard to talk about. And my mind for years was there. In Greenland.