Śnieżne kotły, 11.11.2018

Water was too cold. I forgot my diving boots and wetsuit was useless. But wetsuit for summer is useless just two weeks after summer maximum. But to be honest my double part wetsuit more appropriate is too small. Maybe for the next season I will afford special purpose new suit for all the challenges that now to me as a bit grown child of the earth come to my mind. I took a big backpack for diving purposes. In a shelter my snorkeling pipe fell by accident to the ground so many people were shocked WTF I am going to do in the afternoon on 11.11.2018. And… I measured precisely time. Because trail to Śnieżne Kotły I would not advise EVER to go at night even with best lighter. Because there are too many moving stones. You can twist ankle, fall down and break leg, you can even fall down a few meters with a bad luck. And generally how fast I was moving today being in a shelter twice impressed me. I got back to Schronisko pod Łabskim Szczytem just a minute befor 5 PM and 5 PM is now full night here. So I measured precisely that I had to depart from this pond at 4:15. And walking very fast night has come at the shelter. After drinking tea I decided to go with my headlamp and diving lighter. And as walking through mountains in the night was never a problem for me I got back and felt sorry for people who beg for bed linen in a bit rotten shelter to some demands of course. I do not know. I normally walk at night like by day and I rarely seriously decided to stay for the night in a shelter. It would not be comfortable having whole comfortable house in Szklarska Poręba!

It is impressive how clouds can move so fast!