My vocal

13.11.2018 7:10 AM

Lady Pank – Dopóki da czas – my cover, simplified composition and my vocal recording.

I made 3 vocal tracks played simultaneously, one from Sennheiser dynamics microphone, a very good for live performances and 2 tracks from AKG C3000, more subtle one. I do not have power to sing higher tones with full registers and to make it sound with many harmonics as voices of some singers are. My has some potential but it costs me enormous efforts too. I have more fun with whole arrange more than singing because I hate to sing. But I was a singer being 14 or 15 and when it was a piece of cake for me then to give live performances. I can record one or 2 songs just to do them in all aspects, with my vocal too. I like to analyze this song particularly because I like it and to record all nuances of it on my own means more fun for me than finally singing what I performed anyway till 6 AM for sure. Now many of you are waking up. I am going sleep instead.

14.11.2018 1:36 AM

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