Medical aggression / medizinische eingreifen / תוקפנות רפואית

Another compelling thread on my blog concerns a common but often not recognized as such behavior of qualified person that does not follow ethical set of rules for a profession that has a degree in it. This may be often attributed to doctors of medicine who are obliged to Hippocratic Oath. But for a long time there is growing group of people not being educated and qualified to be seen as doctors in narrow definition of that profession but studies, knowledge and prestige attributed to such professions requires them to follow similar ethical standards often written in a professional language and included in professional ethical standard for them.

To know factors and cognitive mechanisms of depressions, common phobias, sets of incentives that can cause schizophrenia. Knowing mechanisms of suggestion, persuasion and how effectively disturb other people or how subtly influence them or change their behavior is as much or as few to cause something really bad. So you to choose what direction this may go!

What fields else than medical studies can be at a potential risk? This group is still growing what to attribute to. Especially clinical psychology but not only nowadays. There are also new fields of research where more statistical data are used and this is called a public health discipline.

What I believe to be responsible for the majority of abuses?

American psychologist originated from Frankfurt am Main, Theodore Adorno once introduced a term of so called authoritarian personality that characterizes people who as a rule seek for manifestations and proofs of someone else position, prestige, rank in social hierarchy. Who can become extremely obedient to those who are seen as attributed higher position or a prestige. What of course in return is extremely unhealthy from mental health point of view in terms of repressed emotions and remnants of mutual prejudices of both side – superior and inferior of such a social transaction of exchange of social reward. In Polish there is a popular phrase „silniejszych szanuj, słabszych poniżaj” to characterize such a general attitude. So there is no existence of passion, interest, personal identity based sense of self and attitude to others on a basis of who they are personally to us (interesting, similar, etc.) but who they are in general in terms of social prestige (typical Polish Agnieszka would say when you are not a PM in early nineteens: „Pawlak, wybacz!”). If this is really healthy attitude when in most social situations we are not asked and indicating status may turn against us? What issues or who serves to attribute someone else power in order to deprive that person power after that? In such a case just a stupid  memory pushes into my mind from memory when I was in Palma de Mallorca in summer 2005. One old „Roma” woman suddenly pinned a flower to my front side of a T-Shirt and extended a hand opened to get some money. When I was scary surprised she got suddenly angry and took back that flower almost mauling my body to show that has been offended that I did not want to pay her immediately. This is also an often behavior in dis- or „misorganized” social environments where artificial hierarchies and pressures on status exist and no passion, privacy based relationships same time. When we add perverted behavior of BigData „rapists” this means acting like surveillance service „workers” who „machete” the „bush” of unknown with scrapy and sentiment analysis tools nowadays in order to collect and classify data. This is really a bomb mixture about to explode. So „hierarchical” motives of a person should be investigated first. Simply people when seeking their sense of belonging somewhere are used to settle among „success” people, „status” people, people who can afford something or show what and how they consume, how they spend time or organize reality around to emphasize a social rank. This is the core root of social deception that people organized in low order seek even not a warmth or sense of belonging but just a primitive social reward of being attributed apparent social rank. This is why people put forward a dress before mindset. Especially in Byzantion – „fur” style feminine apparel dominated world of monkey head all the time to prove attitude. Beat&prove&defeat.