Just a word about diving from a boat

23.11.2018. I write a memory from diving on 16.08.2018

It is often advised but not too frequent that all the theoretical procedures for diving from a boat are fulfilled. I used to dive from pontoon motorboat where all of us were dressed almost in whole diving equipment and there was no function for someone to provide a bit of documentation for safety reasons. I was very positively surprised that during my AOWD course I participated in every boat trip with true professionals and some of the procedures you can see on this photo that they care that all who go underwater have to ascend and be checked-in just after that. I’ve heard in my life hundreds of stories about diving accidents. And many of them were scary, scary to hear like near Wodospad Podgórnej one German from Berlin told me a story of his son being a witness of an accident that reported this way: „Oh, my Divemaster passed out and I saw her descending very fast, it was a hole up to 60 meters so was too late to react”. Just people when see me with my diving equipment accidentally start to share with me all they’ve heard and know. And I can admit that half of stories I listen to that come from people who not necessarily are divers but have simply something to tell me seeing my diving gear, my routine, discipline, preparation, some professionalism I reveal – especially when someone encounters me I do something of the diving kind lonely, exclusively on my own. And people’s memory is really strange. Most of people I encounter this way are scared about diving in general. Most of people no matter – ever tried scuba diving or not have as much negative to tell as positive. Not only from stories comes something to be about what is the truth – that scuba diving is an extreme sport. But I was diving in my life so far with extreme extreme people – with sickly, and stupidly extreme like they just believe in their pro gear and nerves more than good preparation, team playing and procedures. And also I was diving with safe people who encouraged me to feel less distressed about general „extreme” atmosphere. Here you can see what procedures are about. How it should simply look like. I am glad I did my advance course, with first deep diving with true professionals.

I had in a folder from the same day also a photo of half German, half French girl. I am sorry I think I do not know your name. I talked with your father, what was very interesting talk. And I remember you only from just a few moments. It is not my hobby but I memorize people with mixed ethnic or national identity just due to the fact that I am a person of this kind.