Psychotic games

Who becomes running psychotic games again and why it is not good idea.

#1 Bartek Wręga is someone I should have had to report to the police yet in winter 2001. But the fact I did not do this then encouraged him and activated his psychopathic tendencies about looking up my life activity and intriguing around me. When he admitted a few years ago in Warsaw that he filled my shoes with high percentage salt acid in winter 2001 just before I changed my class. I knew that this is just a beginning of a new game but I did not know how long I will have to wait for his come back with new ideas and scenarios to influence me. This is a typical Polish style of abuse that starts from an attempt to look like a friend of somebody. Bartek Wręga is a dangerous person. He did not listen warnings not to fuck into my life. And actively explore facts from my life for a long time. I decided to report to the police many facts in autumn 2017 what is just a beginning of collecting of evidence against his hostile intentions against me what I did too late but I am sure that there is no other way to prevent such a person from his destructive motives. Psychiatrist Eric Berne described long time ago so called psychotic games (third degree games). This is a kind of a war game. Like prof. Trzebiński who silently observed me for a long time was running a similar game in order to disrespect me in culmination moment during my defense. And this is a good word to recall when we discuss hostile behavior. Simply the fact someone feels guilty or defend him or herself is a trigger for a psychopath who never feels such a feeling or regard this as a weakness to abuse. This is like red fabrics for a bull. A weakness or an evidence for a weakness. Eric Berne states that a typical psychotic game is sharp and something done on the edge. When the only consequence or a result is that one person of that two sided transaction lands in a hospital, in prison or dies. Such conditions and motives behind a careful and selective creating such conditions is dangerous because one person plan carefully a scenario that wished that other person will fit into. In order to create a path dependence or a loop to capture other person. And this is why it is called a psychotic game. Similar associations are to terrorize, to hijack, to kidnap but in a psychological mechanism of a rapist abuse there is also an aspect of a motive to terrorize a person in order to make him or her frozen and dissociative so unable to experience own emotions and self correctly. This is sometimes even a basis for development of conditions like Stockholm symdromme to mention only one potential consequence. There is also a common term in psychology of amygdala hijack when some communication trick is aimed to threat a victim in order to raise an activity of limbic system in brain responsible for fear response to a stimulus. Reaction fight or flight is a result of such an activation so this is not a cortex reaction that characterizes a developed cognitive behavior like decision making, planning, imagining. Psychotic games are often attributed to be a form of a behavior during severe paranoid schizophrenia episodes. I think that Agnieszka T. may be responsible for his disease to some degree. Taking care of him and rejecting him other time. The worst we can ask someone with a tendency to get ill is like repeatedly typical for Poland „Where do you work?” etc. Young people are repeatedly trapped and ashamed when cannot satisfy all their life needs and challenges and to show that are responsible for themselves to a greater extent. A result for not feeling shame and guilt at all is a psychopathy or a psychotic episode.