My guitar

When I saw this guitar in a music store on Denmark St. in London I realized that I do not need to know its price. I will get it because this is probably the most important thing I will have in my life. That I will change homes, cars, my workshops, jobs, friends, libraries, interests but this is something that once I marry the right one, I afford the best one for me it is my lifetime investment. I realized then, from that point of view that a few more kilograms to travel with, to take on my plane back home is nothing compared to that decision. I remember how carefully cabin crew of LOT airlines took it to a separate storage space in airplane in order to increase the safety of travel of this instrument. Even guitar case is something that makes other people feel seriously that this is really something important not only to me. But important in general. It is wonderful that just a brand, a craft could rise in minds, hearts of people that is treated equally to people. But it is the rank it deserves. Guitars are more important than amps, effects, strings, picks, songs. Guitars determine many things that with right one you can achieve easily and with wrong one you can fail everything demanding to you no matter how much you try. And the right one is like the best violin.

My present configuration