I appeal to all people who read my blog to watch this video

It is last time I argument clearly what we should do this time as a civilized world. Families of perpetrators should be bombed and their cousins and their neighbors and big city Marakesh should burn from fire of bombs and missiles. I saw made up regret in people on the streets. They in Morocco just pissed their pants fearing the revenge. And this is exactly what should happen this time. If you do not understand it and want to discuss, watch this video and if you cannot walk on your own legs after that, so do not vote for wrong people in next election who will do nothing to make you feel safe. Americans are right. Europe is lost and show me where European military are really engaged, where they operate now, gain new experiences, fight lack of justice like on this video. This was a war crime. And if you cannot see clearly that they started a war this way. So do not expect to deserve to be defended when any harm will happen to you. First step towards our security is to revenge. Then you will realize. After you see executions of families of those murderers you will realize what I am talking about. As long as you let just grief overwhelm you, once you are told what to think or feel, you are lost. The only what civilized person should feel after seeing this video is anger. And anger should come equally from everybody. Everybody in Western world has to engage – with their votes, with their skills, resource. Kill one Arab tonight. Burn their houses. Let their property, children burn. Let their Allah burn and their fucking mothers who gave them births. Diplomacy era ended with this video. And relationships with North Africa ended. I know researchers and observers who have spent some time during some conflicts and they cannot get over the sense that were not soldiers sometimes, were not engaged. People experience traumas not only because what happened to them. But also what they did not when they should have to. It happened yet not so much time ago. Let’s make the best use of the anger about that situation and make politicians ready to make most mature choices in their lives. Now we need to destroy Arab minorities in Europe, their families in North Africa, we need to burn their houses and make space for wild animals from Africa who deserve their territory more than those missing basic humanity people.