From 3th of January 2019

Header: They were not killed by Orcs but listen to this man, he tells something very important about war we need to engage now

This video is ignorant but also extremely to the point, accurate and wise in its message about safety in general. We need to kill a lot of people now too. And we need to use razor fighter jets of the kind of F-15 Eagle that can carry really heavy bombs. I am sorry, people in Morocco but Morocco deserve to be a next Syria. Sorry, but this is the truth. You deserve to be demolished as a country. Because Europe was safer before you started to flood us and break all our cultural rules. Arabs behead even Iranian people in Arabic countries, even in Saudi Arabia. We need to wake up and start to react as military forces too. Because otherwise we only let Arabs to fuck up people in Western countries. I used to have friends from Arabic countries but also from countries regarded as Arabic but in fact they were only Muslim that had religion in common with Arabs or were looking like Arabs but of different religion. People often mess with many categories and North Africa is another area that many people will be disabled enough to comment on who lives there, what those people believe in. I want to assure you that they do not care, and do not believe most often in what typical European or American believe like justice, like democracy, like the society driven by capitalist ethos etc. They are different. And have also different notions about justice and in their nature is deeply to revenge. And what they do is revenge all the time. And you would be scared to realize what they mean what they need to revenge for. For everything. You could invite them to your country but one day they want to revenge you because you did something against their beliefs. And forget that you invited them. They once invited continue to believe what believed as a rule, as a different culture and they are worse than cats. It is not that are independent and indifferent to your beliefs. Their own are much stronger and they will always feel you need to respect what they believe first or they will revenge you. It is not a religion. People often mess up with it. It is deep lack of education, ignorance, weak version of human morality in general. If they were not dangerous, brought up to be enemies to us they should be obviously educated. But now they are dangerous and some of them – extremists should be killed in a war. Because it is too late… Believe me, it is too late to fix it. Similar to them used to be sometimes Jews. They were also of different values and emotionality. But in Poland Jews were killing eg. nationalists who Jews believed that contributed to extermination of Jews. Jews have similar nature to typical Muslims but are more driven by justice. Their revenges are easier to understand whereas Arabs and Muslims have no sense of justice that typical Western people believe in. This war is an awful shit but we need to go through it. If we do not now. Next generations will be slaves to their value system.

I am sorry that under that link you will see what was forbidden and you will not find on YouTube. But it is not funny. The killers were not Orcs. Were Arabs from North Africa or another Islamic country. And wake up we need to kill a lot of them now because they feel there is no punishment. I did not believe that this story was true until I found via Tor this website:

UPDATED! MOROCCO: Graphic Video has emerged of one of the two Scandinavian female tourists being ‘beheaded’ by Muslims at popular tourist hiking trail